Message to Sophomores

Baldwyn High School Sophomores


As sophomores you are now more than familiar with high school. You have the advantage of knowing what to expect before you even begin this year. That’s going to make this year go much more smoothly for you, which is important since you have a lot of things to keep up with! You only have three years of high school left and they are going to fly by, so make them count! Make sure you have your goals for your future starting to take shape and become clear. You’ll also need to put together a game plan in order to achieve your goals.


- Makes sure you are taking challenging high school courses. As important as you GPA is, research has shown that the level of difficulty of the classes taken in high school is a better indicator of your success in college and in the work place. Don’t take the easy way out just because you think it will improve your GPA.


- That being said, you need to make sure you DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND PREPARE FOR EXAMS! At a minimum, your GPA plays a huge role in determining what scholarships you are eligible for, whether or not you can play sports on the college level, and what types of technical programs will accept you. Now is NOT the time to slack off.


- Doing well in class also assures that you will do well on STATE TESTS. If you are struggling in a subject-area class, please don’t wait until November or March to come see me! I can show you how to study and help you find resources. You are not in this alone!


- Start considering plans for AFTER HIGH-SCHOOL. *Sigh* I know, it’s hard to imagine life after high school, but there is! Start researching reasons for going to college, where you would like to go to college, what kinds of programs different colleges offer, etc. If you need guidance and don’t know where to start, come find me! If you don’t want to go to college, start looking into what types of training you need for different careers. There are so many great jobs out there; you just need to start seeing what’s available.


- Make sure you are keeping up with your school activities, community service, awards, volunteer hour logs, etc. These will be great resources for your resume in the very near future.


- You BEHAVIOR and DEDICATION to school are going to be the two key factors in your success in attaining your goal a couple years from now: GRADUATION!


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