Message to Freshmen

Baldwyn High School Freshmen


Welcome to high school!  I remember how scared I was as I arrived at my small 1A gym, thirty minutes before the bell rang.  I remember the nerves, the butterflies, and the tension that came along with what felt like turning to a brand new chapter in my life. And it was! Life is going to change quite a bit.  You've gone from being the oldest at your school to the youngest, but that’s not a bad thing.  Take this time to watch your older peers and learn from their mistakes. Your freshman year will be the most impacting, challenging, and transformational time of your entire high school career.


Always work hard, even when it seems like no one else is. You’re not in high school to fill empty desks and give teachers something fill their time with. You’re here to learn, to soak up all the knowledge possible in order for you to be successful when you’re released into the world to pursue whatever dream you may have! That being said, you should always give your teachers, coaches, administrators, and family your best. It will pay off in the long run with a high GPA, passed state tests, and not having to worry about how many credits we can squeeze into your schedule your senior year. Working hard now has lasting benefits that will follow you even after you graduate!


Make friends. You can be friends with anyone! There’s no set number to how many you can have. The more the merrier!


- Learn what you need in order to graduate. Yes, that’s right. Graduate! After all, that’s a big reason as to why you’re here! You’ll need to start off early thinking about credits, GPA, ACT, which I know right now sounds foreign to you, but here in a couple of years you’ll become well acquainted with it. Why wait? Get to know what these things are and how important they are to your graduation (and believe me they are IMPORTRANT!).


- Be on time! Being on time-or punctual- reflects a sense of responsibility to your teachers and peers. It lets people know you’re ready for what the day has in store for you! Learning to keep tardiness at minimum (because we all have that one morning where nothing seemed to go right), will not only help you stay out of trouble in school, but it will teach you the life lesson that being punctual is a great asset to any employer looking to hire you.


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