Baldwyn School District

2018 Homecoming Court
2018 Homecoming Court
2018 Baldwyn High School Homecoming Court members include front row (l-r) Senior Maid Chloe Nanney, Football Queen Keeley Wade, Homecoming Queen Allie Grissom, Senior Maid Sydney Griffin; back row (l-r) Freshmen Maid Ayunna Witherspoon, Sophomore Maid Callie-Francis McKay, Junior Maid Samilyia Bonds, Junior Maid Emari Cox, Junior Maid Sarah Wilson, Sophomore Maid Addison Floyd, and Freshmen Maid Kazmen Grizzard.
Homecoming ceremony will be Friday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m. prior to kick off at 7 p.m. The Bearcats will face the Nettleton Tigers.
Homecoming parade will be Thursday, September 6 at 7 p.m. on Main Street in Baldwyn.
Homecoming pep rally will be Friday, September 7. Time TBA.
2018 Homecoming Shirt on Sale NOW
2018 Homecoming Shirt on Sale NOW

2018 Baldwyn Bearcat Homecoming Shirts are on sale now through Friday, August 31 at 3 p.m. Shirts are white Gildan Soft Style brand. Short sleeves are $16, and long sleeves are $18. Order forms are available at each school office and have been sent home with students. Shirts are expected to be delivered to schools in time to wear for Homecoming events on Friday, September 7.


My School Bucks now active to add lunchroom funds
My School Bucks now active to add lunchroom funds

Baldwyn Schools now offers My School Bucks for lunchroom payments

The My School Bucks access to Baldwyn Schools’ student lunchroom accounts is now active for all registered students of Baldwyn School District K-12.

Parents and family members can download the MySchoolBucks app or visit to create an online account and begin viewing their students’ meal balance and adding funds to the account.

“We are very excited to have partnered with My School Bucks to offer this convenient and easy way to keep up with student meal accounts and to keep accounts current,” Baldwyn Schools Nutrition Director Brittni Buchanan said.

“The website and app are live now for parents and family members to create an online account and start adding funds to their student meal accounts. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any assistance that may be needed.”

My School Bucks allows parents and family members to create a personal online account and connect all their students in one convenient location to add funds and keep up with balances. My School Bucks accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. There is a fMy School Bucks fee of $2.49 to process payments. No fees will be profited by Baldwyn Schools.

My School Bucks will notify parents via email when student balances are below $10.

My School Bucks is also not limited to just lunchroom accounts. The district will be looking into adding other accounts in the future such as yearbook orders and other school money transactions.

“We want to offer convenient ways for parents to take care of their students while at school. This is a new and optional way to pay for meals,” Superintendent Jason McKay noted.

Both the Baldwyn Elementary and Baldwyn High School cafeterias will continue to accept check and cash payment also on site. However, balances may not show a current amount.

Meal prices for the 2018-19 school year will be the following:


Student Regular Price $1.25

Student Reduced Price $0.30

Adult Price $2.00


Student Regular Price $3.00

Student Reduced Price $0.40

Adult Price $4.00

Steps to create an online account with My School Bucks include

  1. Download the MySchoolBucks app on your mobile smart phone or visit

  2. Click on Sign Up today or Create Account.

  3. Select Mississippi as the state.

  4. Select or search for Baldwyn School District and select.

  5. Select either Baldwyn Elementary or Baldwyn High School. (NOTE: You will have to start with one student at one school to add first, then you may ADD STUDENT another school after you create account.)

  6. Enter your personal information such as name, address, email, and create password and security questions then select Create Account.

  7. You may be asked to check your email to verify your account.

  8. Then you can login to the app or online account and begin adding funds or adding students. (NOTE: Student’s first and last name and birthday are required information to search for the student to add them to the account.)

  9. Then you can add a payment method that will be saved to your account that you will choose to use or add another payment method with each transaction.

  10. There are video tutorials and help links to assist with create accounts and adding funds.

For more information, contact the Nutrition Director Brittni Buchanan at 662-365-1000 or via email at


K-8 students to receive free food boxes at registration

K-8 students to receive free food boxes at Baldwyn Schools' registration Monday

Baldwyn Schools has partnered with the Tupelo/Lee County Hunger Coalition, a division of United Way, and the Family Resource Center of Tupelo to provide free food boxes for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

Fourteen pallets of non-perishable food item boxes will be onsite at Baldwyn Schools' Back to School Registration on Monday, August 6 from 3-6 p.m. at the elementary and middle school campuses.

“We are very excited to take this opportunity to help provide and meet the needs of our students in this way. We appreciate the Lee County Hunger Coalition and United Way in their efforts to better our school district and community,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

Students can pick up their free food boxes at BES when they complete registration and meet their assigned teacher in the classroom. BMS students can pick up free food boxes at a distribution table near the main office after completing registration.

The food donations are an effort through United Way, the Family Resource Center, and Baldwyn Schools to help provide for needy families and students within the community.

For more information on assistance through United Way and Lee County Hunger Coalition, please contact their office at 662-432-1894.


Baldwyn Schools increases student safety for new school year

Baldwyn Schools increases student safety for new school year

With each passing school year, a tragic student story hits the news. With these events and possibilities in mind, Baldwyn Schools' administration continues to take preventive measures to ensure students and staff are kept safe throughout the school day.

Over the summer break, Baldwyn Schools' maintenance crew, led by Mike Underwood and Shane Raines, completed annual projects such as landscaping renovations, grounds upkeep, and floor waxing.
“We want to continue to maintain a cleanliness look on our campuses, so our students and staff will take pride in our school which will overflow into their academic performance. So this year we put extra emphasis on our floor waxing with extra coats and better quality,” Superintendent Jason McKay noted.

Safety improvements made to the school campuses throughout the summer at the elementary school include an additional sidewalk area for students to access the playground, safety barriers poles added between a parking lot and playground area, and additional entry way doors near the office.

“Anything we can do as a preventive action to make our school campus safe for our students and staff, we will always strive to do. The additional entry doors at BES is another way for us to monitor student safety,” Superintendent McKay added.

Parents and students will continue to use the traditional front door entry at BES; however, after the tardy bell rings each school day, the second set of entry doors that have been added will be locked. Parents and guests will have to visit the BES office in the foyer and communicate through the office window.

Additional fencing at the fifth through eigth grade campus has been added to a sidewalk as safety measures to protect students from parking lot traffic and to deter access to buildings other than the main office.

Principal Danny Ramsey will serve as Safety Director for the 2018-19 school year.

“We are continuing to finish up all summer projects and cleaning in order to get ready for Back to School registration on Monday and students returning on Wednesday. We are looking forward to another great school year. We appreciate the continued support from our parents and community,” Superintendent McKay said.


2018 BES Summer Kindergarten Program offered

Baldwyn Schools to offer summer Kindergarten program


As state testing stakes continue to be raised, so does the curriculum of each public school grade level. Kindergarten will be one of the grade levels across the state that will see an advance in academic rigor for the upcoming school year.

With this new curriculum implementation in mind, Baldwyn Schools want to offer a jump start for upcoming kindergarteners along with those retained (ages 4-6).

Kindergarten Boot Camp will be held at Baldwyn Elementary School June 4-22 from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Bus transportation will be provided for students; however, no meals or snacks will be available.

“We want to be able to offer our students as much academic training as possible to help them achieve the goals and levels they will be required to do at each grade level. This summer program will help many students prepare for daily school life and help us determine what our students need to make their first year a success,” BES Principal Rickey Weaver said.

The boot camp will be hosted by certified teachers throughout the course of 15 days. Registration is open at this time and is on a first come, first serve basis. There are 20 slots available in which two teachers will be providing instruction.

The boot camp was made possible through a partnership grant with CREATE Foundation of Tupelo. This grant will help fund the program for the 20 students and two teachers.

To participate in the program and take advantage of bus transportation, students must be pre-registered for Baldwyn Kindergarten. If students have not been pre-registered for Baldwyn Kindergarten, they can visit BES administration any day Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. prior to boot camp.

Pre-registration documents needed include immunization records, birth certificate, two proofs of residency, parent driver’s license, and the completion of forms on site.

Baldwyn Head Start will also be hosting the same Kindergarten Boot Camp in which they have partnered with the Tupelo Family Resource Center’s grant program to offer additional student spots and teachers. Pre-registration for the boot camp with Head Start is also required.

“We are excited to offer this chance for students to advance their learning and get a jump start on their educational needs. We will continue to do what we can to ensure every child has an opportunity to succeed,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.  

Baldwyn Head Start is located on the Baldwyn Elementary School campus. For more information about either boot camp program, please call BES at 662-365-1010.

2018 BES 3rd Grade Scores continue to raise the bar

BES 3rd Grade Reading Scores continue to raise the bar; standards to advance for fall

Baldwyn Elementary School third grade reading assessment score results allow 100 percent of 2017-18 third grade students to advance to fourth grade for the 2018-19 school year.

Each spring, third grade students in public education across the state engage in the MAAP 3rd Grade Reading Assessment under the administration of the Mississippi Department of Education. In April BES third graders completed their testing.

Recently BES received score results showing 96.4 percent passing rate for the initial testing. After a retesting session, all students will advance to fourth grade.

“We have had a very successful reading assessment program for the past four years. We want to continue to hold our students, staff, and community accountable to this level of success that is now expected by our school district,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

During the 2018-19 school year, third grade reading assessment standards will be raised by the state department. With this advance in academic rigor, Baldwyn Schools wants to gain a jump start on these advancements with the help of families over the summer.

“BES administration and staff have organized summer reading and educational documents that include tips and instructions for parents and families to use with their students over the summer prior to entering third grade,” Superintendent McKay added.

The summer documents include information such as third grade reading standards, progress reading, what do to if child is not reading on grade level, questions to ask, support to offer, and reading tips including phonemic, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehend activities.

Third grade reading tips and instructions for students to engage in over the summer have been mailed out with report cards already. If you or your child did not receive these documents or their report card, please contact the BES office at 662-365-1010 for a copy and to update your mailing information.

“We want to offer as many resources as we can for all students to continue to grow their reading skills. Please contact us for more information or for ways to help your child’s reading skills,” BES Principal Rickey Weaver said.


Baldwyn students claim state science fair titles
Baldwyn students claim state science fair titles
Baldwyn’s junior high students excelled in this year’s 2018 science fair competitions. 
Twenty-three total students participated in the Regional Science Fair at Northeast Mississippi Community College last month. Five of those students advanced to the state science fair level on April 5. 
Rodney Shelley placed first at state competition in Robotics and Engineering; Jackson Allen placed third at state competition in Computer Science and Math; Carla Underwood competed at state competition in Behavior and Social Science; and Jamaury Marshall and Braylon Pippin placed first at regionals and were unable to attend the state competition. 
Baldwyn’s seventh and eighth science teacher Reneetra Pippin led students through their research and studies for the local, regional, and state levels. 
“Rodney did really well in physical science, especially when we had our unit on electrical energy.  He loves anything dealing with motors and that’s what led him in that area. His dad has a car shop, and he helps him and does a lot of hands-on work.  He was very detailed in his project and understood it and answered any questions the judges had,” Pippin said. 
“Jackson Allen is brilliant in all categories.  I don’t know how long he worked on his project, but it was something he was interested in. He presented his project well before his peers and the judges.  He is passionate about his work.  His project was probably on a high school level, and he knew exactly what he was talking about. I’m sure the judges felt same way I did when he presented it,” Pippin added. 
“Carla Underwood chose her project because she was interested in that area. She chose that project because She felt she was able to relate to some of her reasearch. Her project being presented on a personal level helped her do well at regionals and advance to state,” Pippin noted. 
“Braylon Pippin and Jamaury Marshall worked as a team. They made a homemade fire extinguisher.  They were curious to know if it would put out a fire.  Their curiosity won them first place at the regional fair. They chose this project out of curiosity, and they did a great job explaining it. They advanced to the science fair at Jackson State but was unable to attend,” Pippin added.
Students who participated in the Regional Science Fair include Carla Underwood, Madee Murphy, Sadie Morris, Tess Parker, Amelia Nelson, Alex Wilson, Kyndal Jacobs, Braxton Tigner, Braylon Pippin, January Marshall, Seth Bratton, Nathan George, Jenna Klaire Duvall, Wade Barron, Aydan Farrar, Xzayvian Williams, Meg Gamble, Jada Shinault, Sommer Tyes, Jackson Allen, and Rodney Shelley.
“I tell my students ‘You get out what you put in.’ These students work ethic, determination, and passion about their projects guided them to their success. I’m very proud I get a chance everyday to be a part of their learning.” 
Toyota Wellspring Education Fund to benefit NE area students

Toyota Wellspring Education Fund to benefit Northeast area students

Last week Baldwyn School District staff learned about the Toyota Wellspring Education Fund from the CREATE Foundation.

Dr. Chuck Garrett, Senior Education Consultant for CREATE, shared with Baldwyn staff the direction of funds from Toyota Education Endowment Fund that have been allocated for career awareness in high school students.

Sophomore students in the eight school districts in Lee, Pontotoc, and Union counties will receive career development through an interview process in career options, training required for careers, commensurate salaries, and demand in the workforce. The training staff will also serve as a liaison between students and teachers with business and industry.

Specifically the training staff will also assist in the following:

*coordinating the WorkKeys test                                                          

*ensure that students have a four-year including career development

*network with businesses and counselors

*review pathways and dual enrollment

*help students achieve possible professional certificates

*promote career planning and awareness to families

*establish/help facilitate internships, advertise job opportunities, job shadowing and more

The career awareness program will be launched during the 2018-19 school year. Staff for the program will be hired through the TWEF and board of trustees for the interviewing and partnership with school staff and students.

“We are excited to be provided this opportunity for our students to receive even more career and job planning skills,” Baldwyn Schools Superintendent Jason McKay said.



Baldwyn's Gray named National Coach of Year Finalist
Baldwyn's Gray named National Coach of Year Finalist

Baldwyn’s Gray named National Coach of the Year Finalist

Baldwyn High School’s football and golf coach Michael Gray was recently named as a National Coach of the Year Finalist.

The National High School Athletic Coaches Association named Gray and seven other high school coaches in the nation as 2018 finalists. Gray and the other coaches will be recognized at the National Coach of the Year Awards Banquet at the National High School Athletic Coaches Association Banquet in Sioux Fall, South Dakota in June. At the banquet, the 2018 NHSACA Coach of the Year will be named in 19 recognized sports categories.

“I am excited to represent Baldwyn and the state of Mississippi by receiving this award. I have truly been blessed to have coached a lot of really good players over the years that really love the game. I am also thankful to our school for allowing us to travel and compete across the state with our golf team,” Coach Gray said.

Coach Gray was nominated for this national honor by the Mississippi High School Athletic Coaches Association in the sport of golf. The selection is based on longevity, service to high school athletics, honors, championship years, and winning percentage. The nominees and finalists are evaluated by experts in the field of coaching using a sport-specific rubrics to assign points in each category. The National High School Athletic Coaches Association in the oldest coaches association in the nation formed by coaches, for coaches, and has been recognizing national coaches of the year since 1978.

Coach Gray has been teaching and coaching at Baldwyn School District for 24 years. He has served as the Bearcat head football coach for nine years and the Bearcat golf coach for 13 years. Coach has led the Bearcat football team to one 2A state championship and led the Bearcat golf team to six 2A state championships. The BHS golf team has also won nine Region 1-2A titles.

“Being named a finalist as a National Coach of the Year is a very well-deserving title for Coach Gray. We are proud to have him represent our school and community and appreciate his many efforts to improve the overall success of not just our athletes but our students as a whole as well,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

Baldwyn Schools receive Title IV federal funds

Baldwyn Schools receive Title IV federal funds

Baldwyn School District was recently awarded Title IV Federal funding. The funding is specified to be applied to education enrichments for students.

“We wanted a way to offer all of our students a fair chance at having a well-rounded education,” Curriculum Director Rhonda Crump noted.

The district will use the funds to provide monetary resources for juniors and seniors who need help with dual enrollment opportunities. Students will be able to receive $100 per course for at least two courses.

“This funding will help level the playing field for our students who are trying to advance their education and finances are an issue,” Crump added.

Other resources that the Title IV funding will be used for is K-12 counselor resources for the education and preventions of bullying, harassment, drugs and alcohol, healthy choices, suicide, and more.

Baldwyn School District is also currently utilizing Title I and II Federal funds. Resources that have been provided to the district and students include academic coaches, tutors, Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, professional development, nurses, and more. These programs and additional staff aid in the enrichment and remediation of all students K-12.

2018 3rd 9 Weeks Academic Awards

Baldwyn Schools’ 3rd 9 Weeks Academic Awards

Principal’s List


Jacob Green, Emma Large, Derkhauri Scales, Preston Thomas, Kylon Andrews, Avrie Armstrong, Emery Bishop, Isaac Clem, Waylon Collins, Gavin Copeland, Karaline Courtney, Bo Gray, Makenleigh Harvell, Gracelynn Hudson, Maelynn Hughes, Tiona Johnson, Hadley Magers, A’Dralin Miller, Abigail Morris, Davis Nelson, Nathan Nobles, Andrew Owens, Ashton Reese, Bailee Tate, Hunter Ward, Autumn Warren, Jackson Webb, Brian Williams, Emmett Williams, Katalina Zahn

1st Grade

Colton Agnew, Trypp Chunn, Caroline Craven, Aynslee Farrar, Samual Gray, Emerson Griffin, Tayler Guise, Katelyn Kennedy, Malachi Mabry, J’Correy McKinney, Taylor McKinney, Zoey Mettler, Isabella Russell, Rowan Skelton, DeNyla Stubbs, Laura Williams

2nd Grade

Amar’e Agnew, Leighanna Allen, Chloe Barron, Annaleigh Clem, Joseph Flores, Gavin Gamble, Drew Hughes, Addyson Hutcheson, Hayden McCarley, Olivia Page, Eva Kate Webb, Dylan Kelly

3rd Grade

Carter Craven, Layla Kelly, Ridge Mask, Alyson McCarthy, Madelyn Moss, Edy-Reece Newby, A’keileonna Nichols, Tyson Pugh

4th Grade

Isaac Allen, Ethan Applegate, Shaylee Applegate, Gabriel Brooks, Jana-Claire Collins, Hunter Dobbs, Kathlyn Evans, Karmen Gaston, Gabe Massengill, Maddox MCCarley Gella Raines, Aubrei Weaver

5th Grade

Abby Blassingame, Karlyn Courtney, Trey Craven, Guage DeVaughn, Anden Earnest, Shamiya Enlow, Brylee Farrar, Jack Morris, Macy Murphy, Shiloh Sanders

6th Grade

Abbey Buse, Lillian Floyd, Gentry Griffin, Stephen Hollis, Sania Liner, Gage McCarver, Hayley Moss

7th Grade

Meg Gamble, Nathan George, Sadie Morris, Madelyn Murphy, Amelia Nelson, Dequan Stribling, Luke Turner, Jermaine Tyes

8th Grade

John Allen, Ar’laychja Clay, Desirae Pugh, Xander Stone, Andy Trollinger, Carla Underwood

9th Grade

Alisia Billups, Maddux Richey, Jamecia Walker, Kenan Wylie

10th Grade

Annika Been, Micaela Harper, Abigail Magill, Victoria McKinney, Taylor Miller, Abby Pennington, Shailon Roberson, Harleigh Roberts, Ivy White, Sarah Wilson

11th Grade

Jordan Eldridge, Cheyene Etheridge, Garrett Gray, Josh Hester, Clay Hoover, Cayliana Newman, Destiny Nowell, Mattie Pettigo, Makhia Ward

12th Grade

Hannah Anglin, Allie Belew, Jade Cagle, Emerald Dilworth, Gabe Edmondson, Jake Eldridge, Connor Hendrix, Paige Huddleston, Paityn Johnson, Shayne McGaha, Meridith Morris, Braxton Nabors, Westin Phillips, Hannah Sandlin, Jeni Kate Scott, John Swinney

Honor Roll


Bryson Baswell, Brantlee Cooper, Brayden Craig, Kinsley Davis, Elijah Evans, Jenna Heatherly, Kaleb Hutcheson-South, Caden James, Kyron Robins, Sa’Kiyah Shaw, Elijah Shinault, Brylan Watson, Keegan Whitaker, Kailey Young

1st Grade

Jakoriion Adams, Kaden Agnew, Breanna Armstrong, Welsey Beene, Kaleb Clay, Kaden Crump, Colson Gaston, Jaycee Glover, DaNylah Hall, Cayden Hill, Dax Hogue, Carlie Langston, James Levi, Gabriella Malagoli, Christopher McGaha, Munsel Nabors, Brailey Nichols, Calvin Price, Domonick Sanderson, Mason Simplon, Kylan Smith, Odyssey Taylor, Adysin White, Christopher Williams, Brylee Wilson

2nd Grade

Abby Baswell, Paisley Burnseide, Ryker Chunn, Mia Dufford, Eli Farrar, Aiden Fly, Briley Glover, Jalyn Green, Brogan Hutcheson, Connor Keith, Alaysia May, Cali McCarver, A’nadiya Merritt, Kane Morris, Levi Parker, Addyson Pippin, Maggie Reese, Christopher Roberts, Alyssa Simpson, Emma Tucker, Starr Ward, Jaidyn Wilson, Jadelynn Young

3rd Grade

Dalion Been, Keniah Burt, Takoda Garcia, Colton Hayes, Michael Horton, Bradon Johnson, Eliza McCarley, Regan McLeland, Riley McLeland, Kaylee Owens, Zyrion Pulliam, Carson Roberts, Cayden Roberts, Kaylee Roberts, Tristen Taylor, Dalen Thomas, Rush Watkins, Hayden Wildmon, Addisson Wilson

4th Grade

Alijah Adams, Allayah Agnew, Makayla Bragg, Gray Earnest, Laken Garcia, Jeremiah Gill, Hannah Glover, Ava Harvell, Gabee Lee, Kavion McGee, Carmen Mettler, Emma Mitchell, Chanceton Price, Keeshaun Robins, Essence Rowan, Addison Scales, Essence Warren, Kylee Wildmon, Sheyla Williams

5th Grade

Amealia Beene, Johanna Beene, Tahj Bell, Hayden Crowe, Marquez Davenport, EmiLee Fincher, Cadence Floyd, John Hollis, Akira Howell, Dy’Lan Johnson, Hagan McCarley, Akeyo McGaha, Mason Nanney, Shanell Robinson, Caysen Rowan, Braleigh Tyes, Madison Wallis

6th Grade

Grady Allen, Rachel Angeles, Nathan Bean, Lamiyia Bonds, Jack Buse, Mia Card, William Chase, Madee Dugger, Kayleigh Gates, Jesse Grantham, Bellamy Hogue, Bryston Howell, Janiyah Johnson, Hastin Nelson, Logan Pratt, Madison Roberts, Savannah Sawyer, Miracle Scales, Kyles Thomas, Paris Ward, Aslayja Wicks, Gracie Williams

7th Grade

Shannon Agnew, Kinya Anderson, Mason Calomese, Zykerria Crump, Adam Floyd, Bell Floyd, Jonathan Harper, Kyndal Jacobs, Jamaury Marshall, Tavian Miller, Tanner Palmer, Braylon Pippin, Kaitlyn Shelley, Jada Shinault, Z’Khiara Stewart, Braxton Tigner, Sommer Tyes, Jy’Quon Wallace, Abby Weatherbee, Alex Wilson

8th Grade

Wade Barron, Gabe Bennett, Seth Bratton, Kazmen Grizzard, Keylee Harris, Mason Morris, Matilon Roberson, Kelsey Wade, Ayunna Witherspoon

9th Grade

Jaiden Bell, Marques Bell, Amil Billips, Presious Chapman, Addison Floyd, Joseph Harper, Emilee Hill, Luke Jarchow, Callie-Francis McKay, Madelyn Palmer, Brianna Sanders, Aaliyah Shelley, Isabella Smith, Karson Webster, MesMariah Welch

10th Grade

Cherish Adams, Amarie Anderson, Alaysha Billips, Lanadia Clay, Emari Cox, Kensleigh Gann, Chris Hill, Riley Hoard, Spencer Hooper, Luke Horner, Cash King, Tyler Miller, Lena Pratt, I’yana Ragin, Bailey Raines, Tracy Reno, Josh Reynolds, Elane Robbins, Rainie Rodgers, Destiny Shaw, Shanti Shinault, Kashun Standifer, Breanna Starling, Mollie Tucker, SeNyiah Turnage

11th Grade

Willis Beene, Ethan Carmichael, Rebecca Crawford, Brandi Crump, Kaleb Green, Sydney Griffin, Allie Grissom, Olivia Holland, Danielelle Jones, Brooke Morris, Katelyn Murphy, Chloe Nanney, Ryder Osmundson, Lucia Prado, Zach Roberts, Cameron Stewart

12th Grade

Jaleel Agnew, Shamaur Agnew, Gracy Barber, Hallie Beene, Terin Beene, Markasia Bell, Taylor Blackwell, Michael Crump, Jerrius Dye, Brett Horner, Savanna Martin, Traylon Miller, Emma Pearson, Kambrzia Price, Zach Richardson, Allison Roberts, Jahquantee Rogers, Latrell Shelley, Alexian Starks, Dequantrae Welch

Choir student named to All-State Honor Choir
Choir student named to All-State Honor Choir

Sania Liner represented Baldwyn Schools in March at the Elementary All-State Honor Choir at USM in Hattiesburg. Choir Director is Jody Blake.

Bearcat Band students place in Honors Band
Bearcat Band students place in Honors Band
Baldwyn Bearcat Band students participated in Honor Band auditions against students in northeast Mississippi for placement:
Jackson Allen, DSU 1st chair, Northeast 1st chair
Xander Stone, DSU 3rd chair, Northeast 8th chair
Cody Lindley, Northeast 11th chair
Carla Underwood, DSU 7th chair
Tess Parker, DSU 10th chair
Della Ensey, DSU
Katey Murphy, DSU 9th chair
Isaiah Paker, DSU 8th chair
Josh Reynolds, DSU 6th chair
Will Moad,DSU 6th chair
Cayli Newman DSU
Baldwyn Schools celebrate No One Eats Alone
Baldwyn Schools celebrate No One Eats Alone

Baldwyn Schools’ students in grades fifth through eighth celebrated a positive prevention initiative designed to promote inclusion of all students on the middle school levels across the nation last week. 

Magnolia Health hosted an assembly in honor of National No One Eats Alone Day, created by the non-profit Beyond Differences. Throughout the week, students learned about social isolation and the negative impact it can have on a student’s health and academic performance. Baldwyn’s Jan Bryan was the acting representative of Magnolia Heath to lead the campaign.

“I feel this program was a positive experience for everyone involved. Throughout this week already we have found that being kind and showing empathy can create a warm welcoming place for everyone. A simple, random act of kindness, like making sure no one sits along in the cafeteria, can change a person’s entire day. That is a very powerful idea. I hope everyone walked away with a better perception of how kindness can literally change a person’s life,” BMS School Counselor Miranda Garner said. 

Social isolation is a preventable public-health crisis affecting millions of students and has been identified as a precursor to bullying, self harm and community violence. Students have shown that given the tools, they will stand up for others as empathetic and caring activists, and not be passive by-standers.

Students completed several different activities throughout the week that dealt with being kind and recognizing the positive effects of showing empathy towards others. 

“This program was beneficial by aiming at reducing bullying and helping with suicide prevention. We want to make sure all students have a fair opportunity during their daily education,” BHS Principal Jeff Palmer noted. 

The final day, students were met with a decorated cafeteria, door prizes, and a week’s worth of reflection on what kind of atmosphere can be fostered at Baldwyn Schools when kindness rises above all else.

“We are thankful that Magnolia Health selected our school to promote this campaign for our students to learn and better their lives for a successful future,” Superintendent Jason McKay said. 

BHS Cheer named National Top 10 Finalist
BHS Cheer named National Top 10 Finalist

BHS Cheerleaders overcome adversity to bring home national ranking

At every Baldwyn Schools’ sporting event and almost every school event, you will see a cheerleader. They have prepared many hours of practice, made spirit signs, and dressed to perfection all to help engage Bearcat fans in support of whatever school function is occurring.

This year’s BHS Cheer Squad went above and beyond what was expected and required of them to maintain the title of a BHS Cheerleader.

In November the squad was named the Mid-South Regional Champions in Medium Non-Tumbling Varsity Division where they also received a bid to attend the 2018 UCA National High School Cheer Competition.

“We had made history at Baldwyn just by receiving a bid to nationals. I knew the girls had the mental and physical strength to do what it would take to perform at nationals. So we decided to invest the time, money, and energy into our squad and prepare to do our best,” Cheer Coach Sara Beth Howell said.

The BHS Cheerleaders began countless hours of practice that included stunts, cheers, sit ups, sprints, weight lifting, burpees and more. They went to the MHSAA State Competition in Jackson in December to claim the second place trophy for Medium Non-Tumbling Varsity Division.

With a second place title, the coaches and cheerleaders knew they had to step their game up and advance their practices to perform well enough for nationals.

“We were honestly just excited to have the opportunity to attend nationals at Disney in Orlando. But I knew this could be an experience of a lifetime for the girls. So we wanted to make sure we gave it our best and had no regrets looking back,” Coach Howell added.

As the winter season strengthened, so do did the squad’s mental and physical strength during practices. However, the girls soon began to face the flu epidemic along with other sicknesses, injuries, and set-backs. They remained determined on weekdays and weekends to perfect their routine for nationals, even through the snow and other weather conditions.

Last week on Wednesday the school and community wished them safe travels and bid them farewell as the 14 cheerleaders, their coaches and families trucked the 12 plus hour drive to Orlando.

The challenges that had previously arose in their familiar practice zone were minute compared to the challenges they would face in Orlando.

After arriving at Disney, the squad discovered that two of their moves were considered illegal for competition. With only a day away from their performance, the coaches and cheerleaders spent the necessary time and practice to alter their routine.

“Their first performance at nationals was unreal. They have confidence and a minor fall, but they recovered quickly and finished strong,” Coach Howell noted.

Out of 45 teams in Baldwyn’s division, only 18 advanced to the semi-finals that evening.

“When UCA announced that Baldwyn had advanced to the semi-finals, you would have thought we had already won the whole thing. The girls were ecstatic, and so were their fans!” Coach Howell exclaimed.

They squad only had a few hours to practice and perfect their routine in hopes of no drops this time. Adversity arose again as nerves began to clam up and stunts were dropped during practice. Coach Howell and Assistant Coach Susanne Trollinger did what good coaches do best and had the girls take a break and focus on positive aspects of their performance and each other.

The time investment into the girls’ mental strength paid off as they performed their best with one minor fall that was recovered during their semi-final performance.

“The girls truly applied our motto of ‘mind over matter’ during this performance, and it was enough to advance us into the finals already ranked 7th out of 10,” Coach Howell noted.

Before their finals performance, the coaches had the chance to review their scores and videos for any point deduction appeals. Coach Howell took the time to appeal two points that was not consistently noted in the first round. Baldwyn received their two point addition and prepared for their last performance as squad for 2018.

The day and time had come for the BHS Cheerleaders to have one last chance to gain a gold victory for the season.

“They left everything they had on the mat that day. The energy was insane and to see their faces that they had finally hit a perfect routine with zero deductions and zero penalties was priceless,” Coach Howell said.

“If we didn’t place in Top 10, we knew we would be okay because we had done our absolute best ever. Then UCA named us 6th in the nation out of 45 teams.”

The squad was the only team in the finals from Mississippi, beating out Hernando in preliminaries, Belmont in semi-finals, along with the 3A-6A State Champions Northeast Lauderdale. Almost each school in the finals round had a school population of 1000 or more from California, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, and Kentucky. The Bearcats were the underdogs who would came out in the Top 10 in the nation.

“We are so grateful to our administration, parents, families, community, sponsors and students for the support and encouragement throughout this journey. We would not have been as mentally and physically strong enough to perform our best without each of you,” Coach Howell added.

“We are very proud of our cheerleaders and coaches for their dedication and energy they have invested in our cheer program. We appreciate their hard work and that they represented our town and state so well on a national level,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

7-8th Grade Cheer Try Outs 2018
7-8th Grade Cheer Try Outs 2018
ATTENTION all 7th and 8th Grade Girls and Parents:
In order to tryout for cheerleader, you and a parent must attend the tryout meeting on Thursday, February 1st at 5:30 PM in room 105 at BMS or meet with Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Mask prior to this meeting. You will NOT be allowed to tryout if you do not attend a meeting on or before Thursday, February 1st. The rules and requirements for tryouts will be discussed during this meeting. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Crane or Mrs. Mask at 365-1015, cranea@baldwynschools, or
Physical forms: Due by Tuesday, February 20, 2018
A physical is required for tryouts.
BHS DECA students advance to state competition
BHS DECA students advance to state competition

The Baldwyn High School DECA club continues in its tradition of excellence. This month eight BHS students qualified to advance to the state DECA competition.

All students who participated in the 2018 District III DECA Conference on January 10 placed including Hannah Anglin, first place in Apparel and Accessories Marketing; Garrett Gray and Connor Hendrix, fourth place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing; Corey Large and Ryder Osmundson, second place in Business Law and Ethics; Destiny Nowell, second place in Quick Serve Restaurant Management; Westin Phillips, second place in Restaurant and Food Service Management; and Josh Reynolds, third place in Business Finance.

Each of the students had to complete a computerized test of their subject area prior to the conference. At the competition students engaged in timed role playing presentations to judges in their particular subject area.

“We are very proud of our DECA students and their dedication to studying and performing well each year,” Joe Blassingame, DECA sponsor said.

These students will complete at the 2018 DECA State Conference in February in Jackson.

“We are always proud of the rich tradition that our DECA students demonstrate each year. They represent our school well, and we know they will carry on the successful tradition,” Superintendent Jason McKay noted.

BHS Band members named to state band clinic
BHS Band members named to state band clinic

Baldwyn High School Bearcat band members Jerrius Dye and Cayliana Newman were selected to participate in the 2017 Mississippi High School Activities Association and Mississippi Bandmasters Association State Band Clinic in Natchez last week.

Throughout the week Dye and Newman attended multiple rehearsals, practiced with students from across the state, performed a concern, and even experienced a snowstorm.

“They learned a lot from the clinicians and put on a great concert Saturday,” BHS Band Director Marshall Dear said.

Newman was awarded the title of Blue Band and third chair with her flute presentations.

Dye was awarded the top level of Red Band and seventh chair with his snare drum presentation.

“This was a great experience to be able to play with other drummers and band members from Mississippi. I was able to learn from them and share what I know also,” Dye noted.

Band Director Dear and Assistant Band Director Kelvin Hill also attended the clinic.

BCAC Furniture Class creates first upholstered project
BCAC Furniture Class creates first upholstered project


BCAC Furniture Class creates first upholstered project

Baldwyn Career Advancement Center Furniture Manufacturing students are eager to show their first upholstered project of the school year.

Instructor Lance Wesson led the students in the construction of cushioned stools over the course of a week’s time.

“They have surprised me. They come in to class ready to get out in the shop and get to work on their stools. Then before you know it, time is up and they are saying ‘I can’t believe class is over,’” Wesson noted.

Students used some three days of class time to draft and cut out the frame of the stool and then upholster the cushioned seat top. The students were also able to pick out their fabric design.

The class curriculum will require students to construct an upholstered ottoman next.

“We also have an idea in the works to construct a Bearcat stadium cushion that is cut out and sewn together by our students. This could be a potential fundraiser for our class in the future,” Wesson added.

The Furniture Manufacturing class is supported by local industries Southern Motion and HM Richards in which their executives aid in the curriculum development of the class along with providing and guiding with the use of tools, machines, and supplies.

“We are proud of our students for their hard work and eagerness to learn these job skills and career training. We also appreciate the partnership and support our local industries continue to provide us to help advance the education and success of our students and community,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

BHS students honor veterans for their service
BHS students honor veterans for their service

BHS students honor veterans for their service

Veterans were engaged in a patriotic and touching service on Friday at Baldwyn High School. The BHS Interact Club, Choir, and Band members presented their annual Veterans’ Day program.

“Veterans Day is a special time that we like to take to recognize our veterans and their families for giving so much to their country and providing us with our freedoms of today and in the future,” Westin Phillips, Interact member, said.

Over 100 guests and veterans were in attendance for the program. Service men and women were honored with an Armed Forces Salute through a flag presentation, patriotic musical selections, a moment of silence for POW/MIA soldiers, and recognition of veterans and active duty personnel with a slide show presentation and pinning ceremony.

Interact students provided a written history of the five branches of services and American war involvement. Grades fifth through twelfth volunteered and attended the program with guests and veterans.

“The Veterans’ Day program is very important to us students because we have several teachers and administration involved in the military and their families involved in the military. It is a great way for us to honor them and show them we appreciate them,” Jerrius Dye, Interact member, said.

International Toyota Auto Body administration tours new BHS facility

International Toyota Auto Body administration tours new BHS facility

Baldwyn Schools welcomed Toyota Auto Body Senior Managing Officer Takashi Karasawa, of Japan, last week to tour the new Baldwyn Career Advancement Center.

APMM administrative staff assisted Superintendent Jason McKay with the tour of the facility. APMM has been instrumental in the planning, safety, set up, and curriculum of the Advanced Manufacturing class housed in the new building. The Baldwyn Career Advancement Center officially opened its doors for classroom instruction in October along with a community Grand Opening ceremony.

Karasawa was able to view the completed stations within the Advanced Manufacturing class including welding, safety, robotics, and more. He also viewed the other classes housed in the facility including Business, Teacher’s Academy, and Furniture Manufacturing.

“This is a very impressive facility. I appreciate the school’s effort in preparing students for their future careers. We are glad to help,” Karasawa noted.

Other APMM administration on site with Karasawa that have assisted with the launch of the Advanced Manufacturing program include APMM Administration General Manager Katsuaki Nasu; APMM Maintenance Manager Tim Yates; APMM Manufacturing General Manager Kim Crumbie; APMM President Kimihiro Yonezawa; APMM Maintenance Team Leader Chad Strickland; and APMM Maintenance Group Leader Jamie Fowlkes.

“We truly appreciate all that Mr. Crumbie, APMM, and Toyota Auto Body of Japan has done to help our school offer students this career training opportunity. We welcome them and their staff anytime for their continued community involvement with our students’ education,” McKay said.

Secretary of state inspires BHS students; tours new school facilities

Secretary of State inspires BHS students; tours new school facilities

Baldwyn Schools continues to strive to meet the needs of students today and plan for the future of student education. Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann shares the idea of planning and dreaming for the future.

On Thursday, Hosemann visited with Baldwyn High School students to share the history of Mississippi in a Bicentennial Celebration and to encourage students to dream and plan for the future development of Mississippi.

Hosemann also challenged students to participate in a 500 word essay/art contest detailing their future ideas of Mississippi. The contest is part of the Bicentennial Celebration in which a winning student from each governing district will win $100 cash and $100 for their school along with traveling to Jackson to tour the capitol.

“History is important in knowing where we come from here in Mississippi so we can continue to grow and develop as a state,” Hosemann shared with students.

“I challenge you to think about where you want Mississippi to be in 25 or more years. Think about what we need to keep being successful.”

Hosemann also toured the new Baldwyn Career Advancement Center classrooms and spoke with curriculum instructors.

“The collaboration and partnerships with industry, businesses, and other school districts is exactly what we need to provide the best opportunties for our students,” Hosemann noted.

Other legislative officials on site for the visit included Senator Chad McMahan and Representative Tracy Arnold.

More information on the Bicentennial Celebration high school essay/art contest can be found at

Baldwyn Schools claims B status, improvements continue

Baldwyn Schools claim B status, continues to strive for higher achievement

Baldwyn School District continues to rise in the ranks of academic performance. Last month the 2016-17 school ratings and test data was released to the public. Baldwyn School District was in the top percentages in many areas and showed multiple areas of growth.

“We are very proud of our students and staff and appreciate our student parents and the community for the support they continue to provide our school district with so that all of our students have the opportunity to be safe, learn, and have a chance at a successful future,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

Baldwyn School District was ranked level B status with Baldwyn Elementary ranked an A level school, Baldwyn Middle School ranked a B level school, and Baldwyn High School ranked a level B school. The school district was just a few points shy of being a level A school district.

“We are still finding ways to improve and ways to continue to be successful in the areas we have made achievements in,” Superintendent McKay said.

Baldwyn teachers K-12 are engaging in alignment meetings quarterly to analyze test data, track students, and make improvements to the curriculum and teaching strategies in efforts to continue to raise student performance overall.

Other ways the district is enhancing student achievement is by offering mentors and tutors to at-risk students. Part-time mentors and tutors visit each school on a weekly basis to meet with students to assess their progress, study their content, and seek mentorship.

“We want to make sure every student feels like they belong to our school district, and that they have talents and skills that can be used to be successful in life,” Superintendent McKay noted.

Baldwyn School District also continues the school year as a District of Innovation named by the Mississippi Department of Education. Baldwyn Schools paired with Booneville School District last school year to offer college and career technical classes along with advanced placement classes for students. Baldwyn students are able to enroll in classes that Booneville offers that Baldwyn does not, and vice versa for Booneville students. This partnership has entitled both schools as innovative.

Performance ranking specifics

BES is ranked second in the state on a 600 point scale, and Top 10 percent in the state on a 700 point scale.

Baldwyn School District is ranked 18th best in the state of 146 public and charter schools taking part in state tests. Baldwyn School District is ranked the 4th B school in the state.

Baldwyn’s graduation rate was 90.2 percent ranking them 11th in the state.

BES 3rd grade ELA and math scores were ranked in top 50 percent in the state.

BES 4th grade ELA proficiency level was ranked 1st in the state and performed at 29 percent better than the state average.

BES 4th grade math ranked 17th in the state.

BMS 5th grade math and ELA both ranked in Top 20 percent in the state.

BMS 6th grade ELA ranked in the Top 10 percent in the state, and math ranked in the Top 20 percent in the state.

BMS 7th grade ELA and math ranked in the Top 50 percent in the state.

BMS 8th grade ELA and math ranked in the Top 35 percent in the state.

BHS English II ranked in the Top 66 percent, and Algebra I ranked in the Top 51 percent in the state.

BMS Science and Biology I ranked in the top 66 percent in the state, and US History ranked in the top 60 percent in the state.

Growth as a district

BHS English II students demonstrated 85.5 percent growth, and Algebra I students demonstrated 55.1 percent growth.

BHS ELA bottom 25 percent students demonstrated 94.5 percent growth.

BHS math bottom 25 percent students demonstrated 85.5 percent growth.

BMS ELA students demonstrated 62.2 percent growth, and math students demonstrated 73.9 percent growth.

BMS bottom 25 percent ELA students demonstrated 56.6 percent growth, and bottom 25 percent math students demonstrated 73.9 percent growth.

BES ELA students demonstrated 76.2 percent growth, and math students demonstrated 90.5 percent growth.

BES bottom 25 percent ELA students demonstrated 78.9 percent growth, and bottom 25 percent math students demonstrated 90 percent growth.

The district as a whole had 99.7 percent participation in state testing.


Annual Veterans Day program set for Nov. 10

Community invited to annual BHS Veterans’ Day program


All veterans, widows and widowers of veterans, active duty personnel and the community are invited to attend the annual BHS Veterans’ Day program on Friday, November 10 at 11 a.m. at the BHS gymnasium.

The event is hosted by the BHS Interact Club and BHS Choir and Band as a service project for the community. Each year students prepare patriotic musical selections and speeches to honor those who have served in the U.S. military.

All veterans, widows and widowers of veterans, and active duty personnel will be recognized and honored during the program. There is also a traditional slide show of veterans presented. Any veteran or active duty personnel can be added to the slide show prior to the event any year. Interested persons should submit the veteran or active duty personnel’s name, branch of service, years of service, wars, and medal information to the BHS office. A photo can also be submitted. All photos will be returned to the owner or they can be emailed to

“The Veterans’ Day program is always special because this is a time that we students can show our appreciation and give back to our veterans since they have given so much for us,” Interact Vice-President Bryan Vickers.

Loved ones of veterans and active duty personnel can also purchase memorial bricks for $25 each that are displayed on the BHS Veterans’ Memorial Wall. Order forms are available at the BHS office and Baldwyn City Hall.

For more information about the program, slide show, or memorial wall, call 365-1020.

Annual cheese sale hosted by Bearcat Band

Annual cheese sales launched by Bearcat Band


The Baldwyn High School Bearcat marching band continues to prepare for the 2017 MHSAA state competition on November 4.

While they are preparing for state, they are also raising funds for new uniforms.

“We are very close to meeting our goal to purchase new uniforms,”Band Director Marshall Dear said.

The band is currently selling Marathon Cheese (of Booneville) as a fundraiser. Items include mild cheese, sharp cheese, extra sharp cheese, pepper jack cheese, and summer sausage.

The deadline for purchasing these items is November 10. Items will be delivered for distribution on November 14.

“This is a great fundraiser each year just in time for the holidays to purchase these items as gifts or for holiday cooking use,”added Dear.

The band has competed at the Olive Branch Conquistador Class where they received Class A third place title; State Marching Evaluation at Tupelo where they received an Excellent Band Rating; and the Northeast Regional Championship where they received first place championship title.

“We came in to this marching season knowing it would present some challenges, mostly due to the large number of first year marchers we were going to have. But our student leaders and the new members stepped up to the challenge and have had a very successful season,”Dear noted.

BHS Cheer claims gold
BHS Cheer claims gold

BHS Cheerleaders bring home the gold; advance to nationals

Baldwyn High School cheerleaders celebrated a gold victory on Saturday in which they won the championship title for the Mid South Regional competition in the medium varsity non-tumbling division. The cheerleaders also received a bid to the national level competition.

“The girls have worked really hard to get to this point. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to the rest of competition season. Mrs. Trollinger and I are really proud of their dedication and drive,”

The cheerleaders have had a busy season leading multiple pep rallies and cheering at football games this season. They also helped to host the 2017 BHS Homecoming spirit week and Homecoming ceremonies.

There are 12 high school members of the squad and two middle school members including Jeni Kate Scott, Hannah Sandlin, Hannah Anglin, Meridith Morris, Paityn Johnson, Allison Roberts, Maylee Dugger, Allie Grissom, Brooke Morris, Madelyn Palmer, Callie-Francis McKay, Addison Floyd, Ayunna Witherspoon, and Madison Burks.

Coach Howell notes that the squad does plan to attend to national competition. Fundraising efforts will be planned.

BES 1st 9 Weeks Awards

Baldwyn Schools 1st 9 Weeks Awards

Principal’s List


Kylon Andrews, Avrie Armstrong, Emery Bishop, Waylon Collins, Brantlee Cooper, Gavin Copeland, Brayden Craig, Elijah Evans, Robert Gray, Jacob Green, Makenleigh Harvell, Maelynn Hughes, Kaleb Hutcheson-South, Tiona Johnson, Emma Large, Hadley Magers, A’Dralin Miller, Andrew Owens, Ashton Reese, Kyron Robins, Derkhauri Scales, Bailee Tate, Preston Thomas, Matthew Turner, Hunter Ward, Autumn Warren, Jackson Webb, Emmett Williams, Kailey Young1st Grade

Colton Agnew, Trypp Chunn, Caroline Craven, Aynslee Farrar, Coson Gaston, Emerson Griffin, Tayler Guise, Dax Hogue, Kingston Howell, Katelyn Kennedy, Malachi Mabry, Taylor McKinney, Zoey Mettler, Isabella Russell, Kylan Smith, DaNyla Stubbs, Laura Williams

2nd Grade

Amar’e Agnew, Leighanna Allen, Chloe Barron, Abbygale Baswell, Paisley Burnside, Ryker Chunn, Annaleigh Clem, Mia Dufford, Joseph Flores, Gavin Gamble, Briley Glover, Jaylen Holbrook, Drew Hughes, Addyson Hutcheson, Dylan Kelly, Cooper Johnson, Hayden McCarley, Cali McCarver, A’nadiya Merritt, Olivia Page, Christopher Roberts, Starr Ward, Eva Webb

3rd Grade

Carter Craven, Layla Kelly, Ridge Mask, Eliza McCarley, Alyson McCarthy, Madelyn Moss, Ed-Reese Newby, Tyson Pugh, Rush Watkins

4th Grade

Shaylee Applegate, Jana-Claire Collins, Hunter Dobbs, Maddox McCarley, Gella Raines, Aubrei Weaver

Honor Roll


Bryson Baswell, Nathan Carr, Isaac Clem, Karaline Courtney, Kinsley Davis, Knowledge De’Armon, Calilla Fly, Hunter Franks, Jenna Heatherly, Gracelynn Hudson, Raylan McGaha, Abigail Morris, Davis Nelson, Sa’Kiyah Shaw, Elijah Shinault, Jacorion Starks, Trayvion Upshaw, Cayson Welch, Brian Williams, Katalina Zahn

1st Grade

Jakoriion Adams, Kaden Agnew, Wesley Beene, Jericah Calomese, Abbigail Clark, Austin Clay, Kaleb Clay, Kaden Crump, Jaycee Glover, Samuel Gray, Carlie Langston, James Levi, Gabriella Malagoli, Christopher McGaha, Munsel Nabors, Brailey Nichols, Karson Palmer, Calvin Price, Rowan Skelton, Odyssey Taylor, Elijah Trimble, Brylee Wilson

2nd Grade

Kerah Allen, Jamieon Campbell, Ellas Farrar, Aiden Fly, Jalyn Green, Brogan Hutcheson, Connor Keith, Alaysia May, Kane Morris, Miyana Nabors, Levi Parker, Addyson Pippin, Maggie Reese, Alyssa Simpson, Emma Tucker, Jaidyn Wilson, Jadelynn Young

3rd Grade

Keniah Burt, Paton DeVaughn, Colton Hayes, Brandon Johnson, Riley McLeland, A’keileonna Nichols, Kaylee Owens, Carson Roberts, Kaylee Roberts, Tristen Taylor, Dalen Thomas, Caleb Tyes, Hayden Wildmon, Addisson Wilson

4th Grade

Allayah Agnew, Isaac Allen, Ethan Applegate, Isaac Allen, Macie Arnold, Makayla Bragg, Gabriel Brooks, Shazmine Corrigan, Jourdan Crump, Gray Earnest, Kathlyn Evans, Laken Garcia, Karmen Gaston, Jeremiah Gill, Hannah Glover, Cambrielle Green, Ava Harvell, Gabee Lee, Gabriel Massengill, Emma Mitchell, Keeshaun Robins, Essence Rowan, Addison Scales, Essence Warren, Kylee Wildmon, Sheyla Williams


School Bus Safety Week

District observes school bus safety week

Many drivers are in a hurry and/or are not aware of the official school bus safety laws.

“We train our drivers and students to following all bus safety instructions to make sure that all lives are protected during bus travel. Please help us to ensure the safety of students and drivers during bus travel times,” Baldwyn Schools’ Transportation Director Dean Warren said.

Fortunately, no student has been injured in the last few years during school bus accidents; however, reports of drivers passing stopped school buses and traveling too close to school buses continue to be reported to the school district and police department.

“Safety comes first within our school district. We will continue to educate and train our bus drivers and students to follow the rules that will keep them safe and ensure their transportation from home to school and school to home,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

“Safety is our number one priority for our citizens and especially children. If any school bus violation is exhibited then we will have zero tolerance for this behavior. Schools buses should be a form of safe travel for children and will continue to be if we are observant drivers,”Chief of Police Troy Agnew added.

MUSTS for students and parents:

*Walk with your kids to the bus stop and wait with them until it arrives. Tell kids to stand at least three giant steps back from the curb as the bus approaches and board the bus one at a time.

*Teach kids to wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before getting off and never to walk behind the bus.

*If your child needs to cross the street after exiting the bus, he or she should take five giant steps in front of the bus, make eye contact with the bus driver and cross when the driver indicates it's safe. Teach kids to look left, right and left again before crossing the street.

*Instruct younger kids to use handrails when boarding or exiting the bus. Be careful of straps or drawstrings that could get caught in the door. If your children drop something, they should tell the bus driver and make sure the bus driver is able to see them before they pick it up.


MUSTS for other drivers:

*Drivers should always follow the speed limit and slow down in school zones and near bus stops. Remember to stay alert and look for kids who may be trying to get to or from the school bus. (Times include 6 a.m. - 8 a.m. and 3 -6 p.m.)

*Slow down and stop if you're driving near a school bus that is flashing yellow or red lights. This means the bus is either preparing to stop (yellow) or already stopped (red), and children are getting on or off.

*NEVER pass a school bus when it is stopped, in a no passing zone, or near a school or children’s organization.

State law:

According to the Mississippi Department of Education, “The School Bus Safety Task Force was created by Nathan's Law and with the support of Gov. Phi Bryant. The mission of this task force is to help make traveling to and from school safer for our students in the state of Mississippi. There is no greater responsibility in our educational system than the safety of our students. I am proud of the work of the task force and appreciate the support of the legislature and our Governor in this important process,” Dr. Ben Burnett, Chairman of MS School Bus Safety Task Force says.

School bus safety is a top priority in Mississippi. The Mississippi Legislature passed Nathan's Law beginning March 2013 as a proactive strategy to protect our most valuable resource- children. 

Nathan's Law:

*Requires motorists to stop at least 10 feet from a school bus when the bus. is loading or unloading children. Motorists must not proceed until all children have crossed the street to or from the school bus, the flashing red lights are no longer activated, and the stop sign on the side of the bus is retracted.

*Authorizes a charge of felony assault and a prison sentence of up to 20 years for motorists convicted of illegally passing a school bus that, in the process, results in injury or death.

*Authorizes cameras be equipped on school bus stop arms to film perpetrators in the act.

*Required the development of at least 10 questions relating to school bus safety on a driver's license test.

*Established a School Bus Safety Task Force.

*Prohibits school bus drivers from using cell phones, wireless communication devices, vehicle navigation systems or "personal digital assistants" while operating the bus, except in an emergency.

*Increases the fine for passing a stopped school bus.

APMM donates robot for BCAC
APMM donates robot for BCAC

APMM donates robot for career and technical class


Baldwyn Schools’ new Career Advancement Center is still under construction and near completion. Last week, the Advanced Manufacturing class received a training robot as a donation from APMM.


The training robot is for the “dojo” (training area) and will be used to train students in safety, operating machines, programing machines, and more for the Advanced Manufacturing class. The robot is valued at over $80,000.

“APMM is very excited about the new school facility and will continue to support our community and the future of student education. The donation of the robot is just one example of our commitment to community involvement,” APMM General Manager Kim Crumbie noted.

Some 25 students from Booneville, Wheeler, and Baldwyn schools are enrolled in the class for this school year. Students are allowed to enroll in the class for two years to complete their education. Students also have the opportunity to receive certification for a “blue card” for NCCER which is National Center for Construction Educational Research. The NCCER card affords students the chance to be hired at a rapid pace rather than participating in additional training at manufacturing industries such as APMM and others.

“We have three types of students in our class. Students who want to continue with their college education and have job skills, students who want to start their career in industrial maintenance, and students who want to further their study in an engineering career,” teacher Morgan Fisher explained.

“The Advanced Manufacturing class is a chance for students to gain hands-on experience in working with industry and manufacturing. Students are able to gain skills and certifications that will advance their college and career needs.”

All the dojo activities help build awareness of a detailed job and progressively sets standards as learning takes place by the student. The dojo is housed in the new Career Advancement Center on the Baldwyn High School campus. The facility is expected to be open for students and teachers to utilize the classrooms this month. Currently, students have been studying and undergoing safety training in a BHS classroom.

“This donation is just part of the process in which APMM has shown their committee and an extra step in making our school better for the community and future of our students,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

Grand Opening

Baldwyn Schools’ administration invites the public to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony and ribbon cutting of the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center facility on Monday, October 23 at 10 a.m. The facility is located at 120 Vandiver Street just north of the BHS campus. The facility will be open for touring after the ceremony.

Special called Board Meeting
Special called Board Meeting

Special called Board Meeting

October 3, 2017

12:00 P.M.

2017 Bearcat Retirees' Banquet slated

Baldwyn Schools to honor retirees with 4th annual banquet

Baldwyn Schools wants to continue to honor those individuals who have made the school and community as it is today. During the fourth annual Bearcat Retirees’ Banquet, the school administration wants to show appreciation to the many hands and hearts that have given selflessly to the Bearcat community.

“As I think about the traditions and excellence our schools have achieved through the years, I realize the achievements were possible because we have had so many true Bearcat teachers and administration who have come through our school system since its beginning,” Superintendent McKay said.

“Now, we want to take time to express our appreciation for their hard work, dedication and most of all their love for our students, school and community.”

Current retired teachers, staff, and administrators who have served at Baldwyn Schools are invited to attend the third annual Bearcat Retiree’s Banquet on Friday, October 13 at from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Baldwyn High School auditorium.

Eligible participants will receive two meal tickets for the lunch banquet and two BHS Bearcat football for the October 13 game. All retirees will be recognized on the football field prior to kick-off of that night’s game.

During the banquet, guests will be introduced to current administration and will have the opportunity to tour the school campuses.

Eligible retired teachers, staff, and administrators interested in attending the evening’s events should RSVP to Demi Roberts via email at or call Baldwyn Schools Central Office at 365-1000. Participants should leave their name and guest ticket name. Deadline for RSVP to the event will be October 4 at 3 p.m.

2017 BHS Homecoming

Baldwyn High School Homecoming will be Friday, September 29 with the Bearcats facing the Strayhorn Mustangs. Homecoming ceremony will be prior to kick-off at 6:30 p.m. at Latimer Park football field in Baldwyn. Kick-off will be at 7 p.m. Other Homecoming festivities for the week include the parade on Tuesday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m. on Main Street and the pep rally on Friday, September 29 in the morning at BHS. Time to be announced later. The 2017 Bearcat Homecoming court includes Baldwyn High School Football Queen Kambria Morris and Homecoming Queen Jeni Kate Scott Freshman Maid Callie-Francis McKay, Sophomore Maid I'Yana Ragin, Sophomore Maid Amarie Anderson, Junior Maid Keeley Wade, Senior Maid Alexian Starks, Senior Maid Paityn Johnson, Junior Maid Allie Grissom, Junior Maid Danielle Jones, Sophomore Maid Sarah Wilson, and Freshman Maid Addison Floyd.

2017 Homecoming Shirt Order Form
2017 Homecoming Shirt Order Form
2017 September BHS Students of the Month

Congratulations to the 2017 September BHS Students of the Month:

5th Grade Shamia Enlow

6th Grade Hayley Moss

7th Grade Tanner Palmer

8th Grade Miya Gates

9th Grade Alisia Billips

10th Grade Bailey Raines

11th Grade Mattie Pettigo

12th Grade Braxton Nabors

Baldwyn Schools to offer Parental Involvement Meetings

Parents and guardians of Baldwyn School District students have the opportunity to be involved in their child's education in multiple ways. Two meetings for the month of August have been set for parental involvement. On Monday, August 21 our annual Title I meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the BHS auditorium. This meeting is for parents to learn more about Title I program, state assessments, school-parent compacts, parental involvement plan, activities that can be done at home to help with your child's education, activities planned to increase parental involvement, and workshop information. Another parental involvement meeting will be held Thursday, August 24 at 6 p.m. at the BHS auditorium with guest speaker Rod Barnes. Parents and students are invited to attend. More parental involvement information will be announced monthly.

2017 Boys Basketball Camp Forms

Click the image below for the Baldwyn Bearcat Basketball Camp 2017 Form


Baldwyn Schools partners with Family Resource Center
Baldwyn Schools partners with Family Resource Center

Families First for Mississippi | “Drop Out Prevention”

Impacting the Whole Family

Tupelo, MS, (4/21/17) -- In an effort to provide a second chance to students who are at risk of dropping out or failing to graduate, Families First for Mississippi offers an option to earn a high school diploma in a flexible and hassle-free environment. This online academic program is customized to meet the specific needs of each student. Whether you want to take a course online or in a classroom setting, Families First for Mississippi can cater to those needs.

As part of Families First for Mississippi, the Family Resource Center of Northeast Mississippi is partnering with Baldwyn School District to bring the New Learning Resources Online high school diploma program to Baldwyn High School. A computer lab will be open each school day except for Fridays from 12:00 noon until 8:00 pm and a facilitator will be available to help the students register and begin the program. The online curriculum is a customized program designed to be flexible and accommodating to the individual needs of the student. Classwork can be completed in the computer lab or anywhere the registered student has an internet connection. Families First for Mississippi offers year round open enrollment so students can get started whenever they like. New Learning Resources Online provides full-credit high school courses which are: Accredited by AdvancED: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and by the Mississippi Department of Education.

Interested students or their parents can call the Family Resource Center of Northeast Mississippi at 662-844-0013 or visit for more information.

BMS Field Day T-shirts On Sale NOW
BMS Field Day T-shirts On Sale NOW

BMS 2017 Field Day T-shirt is on sale NOW through May 11. T-shirts are $12 each. Forms have been sent home with students, are available at the BMS office, and on this website. Please call 365-1015 for more information.

2017 BHS Who's Who Winners

2017 BHS Who's Who Winners Named


CJ Hurd

Miss BHS

Alexis Barnett


BHS Beau

Tyler Raines

BHS Beauty

Ingrid Osmundson


Senior Favorite Male

Felix Hayes

Senior Favorite Female

Alexis Barnett


Junior Favorite Male

Dequantrae Welch

Junior Favorite Female

Paityn Johnson


Sophomore Favorite Male

Ethan Carmichael

Sophomore Favorite Female

Keeley Wade


Freshman Favorite Male

Blaine Martin

Freshman Favorite Female

Micaela Harper


Best All-Around Male

Ovurton Gates

Best All-Around Female

Corely Hogue


Friendliest Male

Ashton Martin

Friendliest Female

Sydney Griffin


Campus Cut-Up Male

Calvin Harris

Campus Cut-Up Female

Hannah Beene


Most Athletic Male

Felix Hayes

Most Athletic Female

I’yana Ragin


Most Dependable Male

Ashton Martin

Most Dependable Female

Ingrid Osmundson


Most Courteous Male

John Swinney

Most Courteous Female

Sydney Griffin


Most Intellectual Male

Bryan Vickers

Most Intellectual Female

Kody Hollin


Most Spirited Male

Noah Hancock

Most Spirited Female

Tyrani Key


Most Likely to Stay in Bearcat Country Male

Noah Hancock

Most Likely to Stay in Bearcat Country Female

Tyrani Key


Most Likely to Succeed Male

Russ Trollinger

Most Likely to Succeed Female

Dawn Jackson


Most Stylish Male

Jerius Dye

Most Stylish Female

Starr Jackson


Most Talented Male

Nehemiah Starks

Most Talented Female

Emerald Dilworth

Baldwyn Schools 3rd 9 Weeks Academic Awards


Baldwyn School 3rd 9 Weeks Awards

BES Principal’s List

Kindergarten: Wesley Beene, Jericah Calomese, Colson Gaston, James Levi, Deserion Lewis, Christopher McGaha, Taylor McKinney, Isabella Russell, Domonick Sanderson, Kylan Smith, Preston Thomas, Colton Agnew, Trypp Chunn, Kaleb Clay, Aynslee Farrar, Jaycee Glover, Emerson Griffin, Tayler Guise, Cayden Hill, Kingston Howell, J’Correy McKinney, Zoey Mettler, Rowan Skelton, DaNyla Stubbs, Laura Williams, Brylee Wilson, Kaden Agnew, Christopher Burress, Caroline Craven, Kaden Crump, Paisley Edge, DaNylah Hall, Dax Hogue, Malachi Mabry, Karson Palmer, Colton White

1st Grade: Amar’e Agnew, Chloe Barron, Mia Dufford, Emma Large, Hayden McCarley, Emma Tucker, Jaidyn Wilson, Leighanna Allen, Ryker Chunn, Annaleigh Clem, Elias Farrar, Joseph Flores, Briley Glover, Drew Hughes, Cali McCarver, Kane Morris, Addyson Pippin, Trevor Rakestraw, Starr Ward, Kaziya Barnett, Abbygale Baswell, Paisley Burnside, Aiden Fly, Gavin Gamble, Addyson Hutcheson, Brogan Hutcheson, Connor Keith, Alaysia May, A’nadiya Merrit, Oliva Page, Derkhaui Scales, Eva Kate Webb

2nd Grade: Jacob Green, Colton Hayes, Alyson McCarthy, Madelyn Moss, Tyson Pugh, Carson Roberts, Rushing Watkins, Cash Young, Eliza McCarley, Edy-Reece Newby, Carter Craven, Ridge Mask, Riley McLeland

3rd Grade: Jana-Claire Collins, Karmen Gaston, Ethan Applegate, Shaylee Applegate, Hunter Dobbs, Kathlyn Evans, Aubrei Weaver, Gella Raines

4th Grade: Amealia Beene, Karlyn Courtney, Marquez Davenport, Gauge DeVaughn, Shamiya Enlow, Macy Murphy, Abby Blassingame, Anden Earnest, Cadence Floyd, John Hollis, Michael Hughes, Tahu Bell, Trey Craven, Shiloh Sanders

BES Honor Roll

Kindergarten: Justin Baldwin, Abbigail Clark, Carlie Langston, Munsel Nabors, Landan Robbins, Mason Simpson, Austin Clay, Odyssey Taylor, Jakoriion Adams, Za’myia Eckford, Izzy Hogue, Derek Lowery, Adysin White, Gabbrial Willis

1st Grade: Taelin Crump, Cooper Johnson, Tavion McDonald, Levi Parker, Alyssa Simpson, Noah Westmoreland, Bradley Wicks, Jadelynn Young, Aiden Banks, Jalyn Green, Christopher Roberts, Calen Walker, Braily Wicks, Charvze De’armon, Addison Howard, Jayla Miller, Kamri Scott

2nd Grade: Brandon Johnson, Cayden Roberts, Keylon Sampson, Kailon Beene, Michael Horton, Kaylee Owens, Keniah Burt, Kylan Crump, Ethan King, Regan McLeland, Kaylee Roberts, Tristen Taylor, Caleb Tyes, Hayden Wildmon

3rd Grade: Ethan Applegate, Makayla Bragg, Jourdan Crump, Gray Earnest, Jeremiah Gill, Ava Harvell, Wesley McCarley, Essence Warren, Allayah Agnew, Isaac Allen, Markaya Floyd, Chloe Harper, Essence Rowan, Kylee Wildmon, Sheyla Williams, Mariah Burress, Laken Garcia, Hannah Glover, Gabee Lee, Gabriel Massengill, Carmen Mettler, Addison Scales

4th Grade: Dy’Lan Johnson, Shannell Robinson, Bentlee Scott, Madison Wallis, Tyler Young, Johanna Beene, Makalyn Beene, Jaley Billups, EmiLee Fincher, Bradley Grisham, Taylor Gunnells, Kayland Harris, Cameron Hill, Elizabeth Hughes, John McCarley, Caysen Rowan, Jerry Towery, Brylee Farrar, Akira Howell, Braxton James, Keira McCarley, Jack Morris, Casey Reno, Dreson Stewart, Harry Troy, Braleigh Tyes, Bobby Underwood, London Ward

BMS Principal’s List

5th Grade: Grady Allen, Rachel Angeles, Abbey Buse, Jack Buse, Mia Card, Will Chase, Madee Kate Dugger, Lilly Floyd, Kayleigh Gates, Gentry Griffin, Stephen Hollis, Bryston Howell, Janiyah Johnson, Sania Liner, Gage McCarver, Hayley Moss, Hastin Nelson, Kylie Thomas, Gunner Wesson

6th Grade: Shannon Agnew, Zykerria Crump, Adam Floyd, Meg Gamble, Nathan George, Jonathan Harper, Tavian Miller, Sadie Morris, Madelyn Murphy, Amelia Nelson, Matthew Oakes, Tanner Palmer, Teresa Parker, Kaitlyn Shelley, Joseph Stewart, Braxton Tigner, John Turner, McKinzie Tyes, Sommer Tyes, Jy Quon Wallace, Abby Weatherbee, Alex Wilson

7th Grade: John Allen, Gabrel Bennett, Seth Bratton, Emma Buse, Arlaychja Buse, Jakayla Dilworth, William Gillespie, Keylee Harris, Shania Hines, Jordan McMillian, Mason Morris, Saniyah Richardson, Matilon Roberson, Xander Stone, Andy Trollinger, Carla Underwood, Dailon War, Ayunna Witherspoon

8th Grade: Amil Billips, Alisia Billups, Addison Floyd, Melanie Gardner, Javion Gates, Joseph Harper, Emilee Hill, Nathaniel Jarchow, Callie-Francis McKay, Maddux Richey, Brianna Sanders, Jamecia Walker, MesMariah Welch, Bronson Wheeler

BMS Honor Roll

5th Grade: Nathan Bean, Lamiyia Bonds, Andrew Bowens, James Brock, Alexis Dykes, Kiley Fincher, Bellamy Hogue, Paul King, Katelyn Large, Mollie McKay, James McKiney, Jeffery Oswalt, Logan Pratt, Madison Roberts, Savannah Sawyer, Miracle Scales, Braylon Taylor, Paris Ward, Aalayja Wicks, Gracie Williams

6th Grade: Kinya Anderson, Cayden Armstrong, Elaina Bridges, Quindaris Burres, Mason Calomese, James Clark, Haley Crutchfield, Jenna Klaire Duvall, Carl Dykes, Bell Floyd, Anna Clair Hendrix, Kristian Hill, Kyndal Jacobs, Cody Lindley, Jamaury Marshall, J’Quavious Miller, Aria Mister, J Kwon Amarion, Braylon Pippin, Saphair Price, Aiyden Scales, Jada Shinault, Rodney Stewart, ZKhiara Stewart

7th Grade: Joseph Abbott, Malik Barnes, Wade Barron, Elsa Beene, Taitiana Beene, Makaylin Billups, Madison Burks, Bradly Cagle, Lamara Cayson, Kidon Cole, Katrina Crawford, Madison Dykes, Ella Ensey, Aydan Farrar, Marley Freeman, Shondreya Gates, Kelsey Green, Hunter Hester, Reagan Lee, Cameron Mitchell, Trevor Rakestraw, Summer Rodgers, Elijah Scales, Nakkitos Scales, Sidney Scales, Hayle Shinault, Kelsey Wade, Colton Wammack, QUntavious Watkins, Xzayvier Williams

8th Grade: Sirenty Agnew, Jesse Barker, Jaiden Bell, Marques Bell, Minangual Bell, Ty-teuina, Kylan Billips, Jeffrey Bridges, Morgan Buse, Presious Chapman, Tanner Cook, Brady Cooepr, Tyreque Cunningham, Sarah Gillard, Dylan Hamblin, Nylah Herman, Joseph Hill, LaEmbri McGaha, Kerrington McGauhty, Ryan Milton, Tiffany Moad, Madelyn Palmer, Brandon Parker, Jeffrey Roberts, Timberlynn Simmons, Isabella Smith, Steven Smith, Michelle Starks

BHS Principal’s List

9th Grade: Annika Been, Micaela Harper, Abigail Magill, Abby Pennington, Elane Robbins, Shailon Roberson, Sarah Wilson

10th Grade: Haley Cotton, Jordan Eldrigde, Cheyene Etheridge, Garrett Gray, Allie Grissom, Joshua Hester, Clay Hoover, Brooke Morris, Chloe Nanney

11th Grade: Shamaur Agnew, Hannah Anglin, Allie Belew, Taylor Blackwell, Jade Cagle, Holly Chase, Jacob Eldridge, Connor Hendrix, Brett Horner, Paige Huddleston, Lilly Kleinert, Savanna Martin, Meridith Morris, Braxton Nabors, Emma Pearson, Westin Phillips, Allison Roberts, Hannah Sandlin, Jeni Kate Scott, Bryan Vickers

12th Grade: Alexis Barnett, Alexis Cooper, Kody Hollin, Mahalle Howell, Dawn Jackson, Starr Jackson, Emily Jenkins, Tyrani Key, Carleen King, Mckala King, Payton Magill, Shelby Maynor, CJ Hurd, Tyler Raines, Ingrid Osmundson, Page Stacy, Russ Trollinger

BHS Honor Roll

9th Grade: Emari Cox, Maylee Dugger, Nikko Gusman, Kezia Hayes, Jonathan Hooper, Luke Horner, Tyler Miller, Lena Pratt, Carson Raines, Tracy Reno, Autumn Richardson, Harleigh Roberts, Shanti Shinault, SeNyiah Turnage

10th Grade: Ethan Carmichael, Rebecca Crawford, Lawson Gamble, Sydney Griffin, Olivia Holland, Katelyn Murphy, Cayliana Newman, Mattie Pettigo, Cameron Stewart, Keeley Wade, Makhia Ward

11th Grade: Jaleel Agnew, Marquavious Cunningham, Emerald Dilworth, Jerrius Dye, Gabe Edmondson, Paityn Johnson, Jake Maynor, Brendrick McMillian, Breana Pounds, Latrell Shelley, John Swinney, Isaiah Terry, Devon Phifer

12th Grade: Desi Bennett, Hannah Bridges, Kison Cole, Hannah Durham, Ovurton Gates, Noah Hancock, Corley Hogue, Diamond Irons, Matthew Laws, Ashton Martin, Micah McKinney, Samantha Moad, Hunter Ray, Will Roberts, Keely Roberts, S. Austin Roberts, LaJayla Turnage, Kirkland Welch



Baldwyn Schools' to host meeting with Booneville & PC School Districts


May 2, 2017 (BALDWYN, MS) Baldwyn School District will host a public meeting for parents of students of the Baldwyn, Booneville, and Prentiss County communities on Tuesday, May 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Baldwyn High School auditorium. The meeting will be to learn more about the new Baldwyn Career Advancement Center’s vocational programs and classes.

The meeting will also be a collaboration with Booneville School District and Prentiss County School District administration, students, and parents to ask and answer questions about vocational classes that will be available starting in the fall of 2017. Local industries who have partnered with Baldwyn Schools’ to provide equipment and curriculum instruction to the vocational programs will also be on site to answer questions and provide information.

Construction for the Baldwyn Career Advancement Center has begun and is expected to be completed in the fall. Baldwyn Schools’ administration has invited Booneville and Prentiss County School Districts to allow their students to enroll in vocational classes including Furniture Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technician. These vocational classes will allow for students to prepare for testing NCCER certifications.

More information is available at

Baldwyn Bearcat Basketball Camp 2017

Click the image below for the 2017 Baldwyn Bearcat Basketball Camp Info


BHS Cheerleader Fundraiser- Egg Your House
BHS Cheerleader Fundraiser- Egg Your House

BHS Cheerleader Fundraiser

LET US EGG YOUR HOUSE!!! We would like to do something “EGGS”tra special this year!! Let your child wake up Easter weekend to a yard full of candy filled eggs and a personalized note from the Easter Bunny himself!

Click here for the fundraiser order form!

Yearbook Order Form
Yearbook Order Form

2017 Bearcat Yearbook


Deadline: March 31, 2017


BHS cheerleaders 2017














Mandatory meeting Monday March 27 at 1:30 pm

Varsity fitting on Wednesday, March 29 at 1:30 pm.

Bus parking to be relocated

Baldwyn Schools prepares for parking, bus relocations

Baldwyn Schools will begin some of the physical construction process of the new Vo-tech facility following spring break March 13-17.

Starting Monday, March 20 all faculty, students, and visitors will not be allowed to park in the auditorium parking lot (center parking lot near the cafeteria of the BMS and BHS campuses).

“We will be temporarily relocating our bus parking lot from the north end of the high school to the auditorium parking lot,” Superintended Jason McKay explained.

The buses will be stationed at the auditorium parking lot through the school day and evenings so that the former bus parking and fencing on the north end of BHS can be torn down and prepared for the new vo-tech facility construction site.

The buses will only be temporarily stationed at the auditorium parking lot until the elementary bus parking lot is upgraded to house the buses as their permanent station.

All bus schedules and pick up and drop off points will remain the same for morning and afternoon routes.

“We want to inform the community of our planning and steps throughout the construction process. Safety is our first priority in providing your child’s education,” Superintendent McKay added.

More information on the construction of the vo-tech facility will be announced at a later date.

BHS Spring Greenhouses Sale

BHS greenhouses offer spring plant sale


The Baldwyn High School science and agriculture classes will have their annual spring plants for sale.

The plants are a greenhouse project for students and all proceeds go towards the greenhouses and student academics of the science and agriculture classes.

BHS greenhouses are offering blooming baskets $12, ferns $10, flats $15 (tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, cucumber, eggplant, and squash), 3-packs $1.50, and large mix pots $22. Flowering plants include running Jew, Ipomoea, potato vine, geraniums, ferns, begonias, petunias, and lantana.

“The plants are just in time for spring decorations and planting. We can deliver them to your businesses in town or pick up is available each week day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at BHS beginning April 1 while supplies last,”science teacher Julie Waters said.

BHS greenhouses’teachers Andrew Hamilton and Waters have lead students in renovating the greenhouse over the last couple of years. Hamilton and Waters have been working with students in studying soil, seasons, plant life, farming, and more while utilizing the greenhouses on campus.

To order plants, please call 365-1025, 365-1020, or 414-1999 to reserve an order or visit the BHS office to purchase. Forms are also available at

BHS Bearcat Basketball State Playoff T-shirts on Sale TODAY
BHS Bearcat Basketball State Playoff T-shirts on Sale TODAY

BHS Bearcat Basketball state playoff t-shirts are on sale Monday, Feb. 27 and Tues., Feb. 28. Orders forms and money are due at 9 a.m. on Tues., Feb. 28 to the BHS office. Shirts are expected to be completed and delivered in order for fans to wear them on Thursday, Mar. 2 at the Baldwyn vs. Madison St. Joe state playoff game at 9 a.m. at JSU.

FBLA advances to state competition
FBLA advances to state competition

Congratulations to the following Future Business Leaders of America members who participated at the District competition at NEMCC today: Shailon Roberson, 1st place, Introduction to Business Procedures; Shelby Mayner and Ashton Martin, 2nd place, Entrepreneurship; Page Stacy, 4th place, Job Interview; Matthew Laws, 4th place, Economics; and Chris Hill, 6th place, Journalism. Also pictured are Sarah Wilson, MacKenzie Hughes, and Cayliana Newman. Those who placed will advance to the state level FBLA competition. The FBLA members are led by BHS teacher Susan Winstead and Kelvin Hill.

Baldwyn Schools named District of Innovation

Baldwyn Schools named District of Innovation

Baldwyn School District has been named a District of Innovation by the Mississippi Department of Education. This elite status was awarded to the district after forming a partnership with Booneville School District for the “Building Bridges” program.

The “Building Bridges” program will enable students to access specialized courses in both districts. Baldwyn School District will provide students the opportunity to take career and technical courses and earn industry certification in industrial maintenance and/or furniture manufacturing. The classes will be located on the Baldwyn High School campus and taught by certified Baldwyn High School staff in the new vocational educational facility in which the construction process is underway.

Booneville School District will offer students the opportunity to take online Advanced Placement courses taught by Booneville High School teachers who have AP certifications.

“Working with Booneville allows our district to be creative and broaden educational opportunities for students,” Baldwyn Superintendent Jason McKay said.

“This partnership helps us work together to give our students the best chance to succeed.”

Booneville Superintendent Todd English added, “Our collaboration helps our schools use our strengths to benefit the students.”

District of Innovation statuses are awarded through an application process. During 2016 Corinth, Gulfport, and Vicksburg-Warren schools earned the status. During the February MDE board meeting, Grenada, Baldwyn, and Booneville schools were awarded the status. For more information, visit

BHS Vo-tech building progress continues

BHS vo-tech construction process begins

Baldwyn Schools has begun advertising for bids for the upcoming vocational education building construction.

In January a bond issued passed at over 85 percent approval for the funding of constructing a vo-tech building on the Baldwyn High School campus. The facility and vo-tech education will entail three different costs including personnel, equipment and supplies, and building construction. The personnel salaries will be funded through the Mississippi Department of Education; most of the equipment and supplies have been donated by area industries, and grants will be sought for remaining equipment and supplies; and the building construction will be funded through the bond issue.

Bids for construction will be opened on March 23 by Baldwyn Schools’ board members and administration. A bid will then be accepted, and the board and administration will move forward with a work session on March 24. With this anticipated schedule, construction is expected to begin by April. The construction company will be under a 180-day contract. The construction is expected to be completed during the fall of the 2017-18 school year.

The vo-tech facility will be 11,900 square feet including four classrooms, two large workshops, one conference room, four offices, two bathrooms, a lobby, expandable entrances, and a dock lift outside the workshops.

Currently Baldwyn Schools offers Teacher Academy, Business classes, STEM, Agri-Science, Career Pathways Exploration, and Family and Consumer Science vocational classes. With the addition of the vo-tech building, BHS will also be able to offer Furniture Manufacturing and Manufacturing Technician classes. The Teacher Academy and Business classes will be relocated to the new facility also.

“We are excited to begin this stage of construction and want to make sure we take every step in preparing our students with the tools and skills they need for their future education, career, and opportunities to be successful,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

BHS Choir rated superior, advances to state competition
BHS Choir rated superior, advances to state competition

Congratulations to the BHS Choir for making superior in performance and in sight singing at the District Festival! The choir will now advance to the state level competition!

BHS FFA welding team places 3rd at district competition
BHS FFA welding team places 3rd at district competition

Congratulations to the BHS FFA students Matthew Laws, Alex Curnutt, and Logan Hutcheson for placing 3rd place of 9 teams at the Northeast Federation Welding competition at NEMCC.

BHS DECA advances to international competition
BHS DECA advances to international competition

Congratulations to Westin Phillips and Ingrid Osmundson who are advancing to DECA Internationals in Anaheim, California as a Financial Services Team after placing 2nd at the DECA State Conference.

Baldwyn Schools named Lighthouse School Leader


January 18, 2017 (BALDWYN, MS) Baldwyn School District has been selected to receive the prestigious MSBA Lighthouse School Leader Lantern Award.

The award is sponsored by the Mississippi School Boards Association and is based on the criterion of having a district letter grade of a “B” and no school rated below a “C.” The Lighthouse School Leader Awards Program applauds outstanding student performance on required testing under the state's accountability system.  The 2015-16 school rating for Baldwyn Schools is a “B” district level, “A” for Baldwyn Elementary, “C” for Baldwyn Middle School, and “C” for Baldwyn High School.

Baldwyn Schools is one of 27 schools in Mississippi receiving the award based on 2015-16 school sessions. A formal awards ceremony will be held in Jackson February 22 for school board members and superintendents to attend.

“This award is a reflection of the hard work that our district’s faculty and students continue to put forth daily. We are honored to be receiving this award and proud to be recognized for the progress we continue to make,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

“We will continue to work daily to provide the best opportunities for success that we can for our students and the future of our community.”

BMS/BHS Library to host open house
BMS/BHS Library to host open house

Baldwyn Schools Library Open House event to feature grant awards


Baldwyn High and Middle School Library will host an open house event on Monday, February 6 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. The parents and students along with the community are invited to attend.

The event will feature BMS students’ poetry café readings, BHS students’ research project presentations, Accelerated Reader and Baldwyn Schools’ website information, BMS and BHS student art work, grant purchases, refreshments, and more.

The grant purchases stem from a $3000 Dollar General Literacy Grant awarded last semester to the BHS/BMS library. Purchases that have been made with grant funds include nine Chromebooks at $1500 value and 62 E-books and printed books at $1500 value. District funds were also used to purchase three additional Chromebooks and a charging cart. This totals to 12 Chromebooks for student and faculty use for BMS and BHS.

“The Dollar General grant has helped us make a big step in upgrading and advancing our library for our students and the community,” librarian Connie Gardner said.

“The E-books are also not just limited to our students and staff, anyone in the public can access these E-books on the school website.”

Access to the E-books via Baldwyn Schools’ website is

For more information about the event or E-books, contact Gardner at 662-365-1022.

BHS DECA revels in a blue blaze
BHS DECA revels in a blue blaze

Baldwyn High School DECA students have made Bearcat history by all members receiving first place titles in their respective district competition divisions.

Eleven BHS DECA students traveled to the 2017 DECA District Conference in Tupelo last week on Wednesday. Each of the members had completed an online test for their competition division prior to attending the conference. At the conference, each member participated in his/her role playing competition event.

The following DECA members placed first place in each of their competition divisions: Ryder Osmundson and Zach Roberts – Business Law and Ethics Team Management Team Decision Making; Ingrid Osmundson and Westin Phillips – Financial Analysis Management Team Decision Making Event; Ashton Martin – Human Resources Management Series; Hannah Anglin and Ethan Carmichael – Marketing Management Team Decision Making; Shelby Maynor and Micah McKinney – Sports & Entertainment Marketing Management Team Decision Making; and Lexie Cooper and Noah Hancock – Travel & Tourism Marketing Management Team Decision Making.

“We are extremely proud of our DECA team members. This type of achievement by all members placing first shows what type of commitment and hard work our students really demonstrate and are capable of,” BHS DECA sponsor Joe Blassingame said.

All eleven of the DECA members will advance to that state level competition at the 2017 DECA State Conference in Jackson February 16-17.

BHS Arts & Assessment Parent Night
BHS Arts & Assessment Parent Night

Baldwyn High School hosted its Arts and Assessment Parent Night on November 7. Faculty and students showcased their artwork, classroom experiences, gifts through song, and more. Classroom presentations include the BHS choir singing, BHS art classes art work displays, Teacher Academy testimonials, and Business Fundamentals economics activity. Teachers also informed parents of assessment information such as state tests English II, Algebra I, Biology I, and US History; ACT; Work Keys; and more. Tips and strategies were also shared. A counselor's table was set up for students and parents to receive information about health and life choices. BHS faculty and staff extends its appreciation to parents and students who continue to make our school a success and improve daily. More photos of the event are available in the BHS photo gallery.

BHS juniors excel in Work Keys assessment

BHS students excel in new career testing

Baldwyn High School juniors recently completed the district’s first WorkKeys testing session. WorkKeys is a division of ACT and is a testing program that the workforce uses to improve workforce quality.

According to research individuals are entering the workforce without the skills employers need. WorkKeys is a first step toward closing skills gaps and improving workforce quality.

“We want our students to graduate with the best opportunity to compete for jobs in the workforce. Whether students choose the college route or career route, our teachers will continue to teach academic and life skills to give each student the chance to reach his or her potential to succeed in life,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

WorkKeys assessments are based on situations in the everyday working world. The assessments measure “hard” and “soft” skills, helping the following:

*Individuals—from career seekers to longtime employees—measure their skills and advance their career goals

*Educators from high school through college ensure their students are ready for career success

*Employers find, hire, and develop quality talent

*Workforce and economic developers prepare their workforce to attract and maintain business and industry

*Industry associations and advocacy organizations develop valuable skills credentialing systems for a more productive, reliable and profitable workforce

Successful completion of three WorkKeys assessments—Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information—can help an individual earn the National Career Readiness Certificate™ (NCRC®), a portable credential that documents essential work skills.

BHS students have been preparing for the WorkKeys assessment during life skills and ACT preparatory classes. All juniors participated in the recent testing session. Students received immediate feedback of their score reports. Students can achieve platinum (7), gold (6), silver (5), bronze (3), or non-certification (0-2)

BHS junior scores included 2 percent Platinum, 16 percent Gold, 38 percent Silver, 28 percent Bronze, and 16 percent non-certification.

The total number of students tested were 61 with 51 students receiving certificates.

“We are very proud of our students for being dedicated to doing their best and wanting to succeed in life. With this testing completion, there will many more job opportunities for our students awaiting upon the completion of high school and college,” Superintendent McKay added.

BES 1st 9 Weeks Awards
BES 1st 9 Weeks Awards

BES 1st 9 weeks Awards had much to celebrate during the 1st 9 Weeks Awards Program!!!!
K-4th grade perfect attendance, honor roll, principal's list, Bearcat table, and Citizenship Awards;
Senator Chad McMahan and Representative Jerry Turner presented awards to the 2015-16 3rd graders (now 4th graders), teachers, and administration for being the highest rated MS school district on the 2015-16 Gateway Reading test;
Principal Rick Weaver announced today that Baldwyn Elementary School is now an "A" Rated School based on the recent score reports of the 2015-16 school year.

2016 Red Ribbon Week
2016 Red Ribbon Week

Baldwyn Schools promotes being drug free

Baldwyn Schools educated its students on a drug-free lifestyle last week during National Red Ribbon Week.

Each day of the week students and teachers were encouraged to dress in theme attire including “Team Up Against Drugs” – wear jersey Monday, “Fight Against Drugs” – wear camo Tuesday, “You Are Too Fabulous for Drugs” – dress up Wednesday, “Be a Hero Against Drugs” – wear hero costume Thursday, and “Love Conquers All” – wear red/pink Friday.

Each school participated in a drug-free poster contest competition. A first, second, and third place winner at each school was named. Winners at BES were 1st place Jeremiah Gill, 2nd place Jana-Claire Collins, and third place Beth Hughes and Ethan King. Winners at BMS were first place Alex Wilson, second place Emily Floyd, and third place Kyndal Jacobs and Bryston Howell. Winners at BHS were first place Alex Wilson, 2nd place Emily Floyd, and third place Kyndal Jacobs and Bryston Howell.

BMS and BHS students had a special guest speaker Adrian Branch, former NBA player. Branch currently works with World Sports to share drug-free lifestyle and Christian influences with students. He also works as a college sports analysis with ESPN. He is a former basketball player with the University of Maryland and won a NBA Championship with the L.A. Lakers.

BHS students held a red balloon release in honor and memory of drug abuse victims and those who have lost their lives to drug abuse.

Teachers at each school also took time to educate students about the effects of drugs and their future career options.

“Red Ribbon Week is just one way we can encourage and lead our students to having a successful career and life,” Superintendent Jason McKay said.

*More photos can be viewed in the BHS Photo Gallery.

BHS Life Skills class learns about car maintenance
BHS Life Skills class learns about car maintenance

Life skills . . . objectives that many parents and school supporters have been pushing to put back into the classroom since annual assessments first began. Last week on Friday Baldwyn High School students learned about vehicle maintenance during their Friday’s Life Skills class. Stephen Pounds with Stephen’s Car Care of Baldwyn and his co-worker taught students about basic vehicle maintenance including oil changing, water gauges, washer fluid, tire tread, and more. BHS students also had the opportunity to practice on a vehicle provided by Stephen’s Car Care on site at BHS. “We want to make sure that our students leave Baldwyn High School with not just an academic readiness for college and/or career but also life skills that will help them save money and be a well-rounded good citizen,” BHS Principal Jeff Palmer said. BHS students in grades ninth through twelfth attend their assigned Life Skills class on Fridays. On Monday through Thursday students attend an assigned ACT preparatory class. Both classes are required for all students for approximately 25-30 minutes per school day. “We want to give all our students a fair chance at attending college by preparing for the ACT in hopes of scholarships and academic success. We hope that ACT prep and Life Skills will be beneficial for all students and their families,” Principal Palmer added. Other Life Skills classes and lessons that students have taken part in this year have included learning how to tie a tie, showing respect for the American flag, and more. Other Life Skills classes with community volunteers and business owners are scheduled throughout the school year.

Bearcat Pride bracelets for sale by BMS
Bearcat Pride bracelets for sale by BMS

Baldwyn Middle School is selling Bearcat Pride bracelets for $2 each as a fundraiser for the school. Bracelets can be purchased at the BMS office or by sending money with a BMS student. For more information call 365-1015.

BHS greenhouses' fall mums for sale

BHS greenhouses offer fall mums for sale


The Baldwyn High School science and agriculture classes are offering fall mums for sale.

The mums are a greenhouse project for students and all proceeds go towards the greenhouses and student academics of the science and agriculture classes.

BHS greenhouses are offering and 8 inch pot for $9, 10 inch pot for $16, and 12 inch pot for $25.

“The mums are just in time for fall decorations. We can deliver them to your businesses in town or pick up is available each week day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at BHS until September 30 or while supplies last,”science teacher Julie Waters said.

BHS greenhouses’teachers Andrew Hamilton and Waters have lead students in renovating the greenhouse over the last couple of years. Hamilton and Waters have been working with students in studying soil, seasons, plant life, farming, and more while utilizing the greenhouses on campus.

To order mums, please call 365-1025, 365-1020, or 414-1999 to reserve an order or visit the BHS office to purchase.

MS Lt. Gov. Reeves reads to BES 4th graders
MS Lt. Gov. Reeves reads to BES 4th graders


August 19, 2016 (BALDWYN, MS) - Baldwyn Schools’ staff and students had a special visit from a few elected state officials on Friday, August 19.

After a breakfast meeting with local business leaders of the Baldwyn community at Agnews’ Restaurant and a tour of the HM Richards facility, Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, Senator Chad McMahan, and Representative Jerry Turner visited the Baldwyn Schools’ campuses to discuss the success and future growth plans of Baldwyn Schools with Superintendent Jason McKay and other administration.

The officials also made time to visit with Baldwyn Elementary fourth grade students. Lt. Gov. Reeves read a children’s book entitled The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton to the fourth grade students in the BES library. The students were commended for their 2015-16 top state 3rd Grade Gateway Reading assessment scores. Lt. Gov. Reeves also shared inspirational advice about the importance of reading throughout life.

“I congratulate you on your success as third graders last year on the state reading assessment. Reading is the most important part of you being successful in life,” Lt. Gov. Reeves said.

Lt. Gov. Reeves also expressed gratitude to the BES teachers for their hard work and success in the classroom.

Senator Chad McMahan also spoke to BES fourth graders with words of encouragement about continuing to focus on their academic performance.

“You are all champions. You have already made an impact and are a special group of students. You can achieve anything you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, no matter your age, race, or gender,” Senator McMahan said.

Senator McMahan serves District 6 including Itawamba and Lee Counties of Mississippi. Lt. Gov. Reeves presides over the Mississippi Senate. Representative Turner serves District 18 including Lee, Prentiss, and Itawamaba Counties of Mississippi.

Lunch Form Requests

ATTENTION: All parents please make sure you have a completed a lunch form for your child and turned it in to your child's school office. Whether you will be applying for free/reduced lunch or not, please put your child's name on the form and sign and return it ASAP to your child's school office. Our district receives credit for each lunch form returned. Please support our district and your child's education by completing and returning the lunch form. For more information, contact your child's school office at BES 365-1010, BMS 365-1015, or BHS 365-1020. You may contact Central Office by calling 365-1000.


Baldwyn Schools' Graduation Rates Show Much Improvement

Recently the Mississippi Department of Education released its 2015 four-year graduation rates reports. Baldwyn Schools has moved up in ranks and increased its graduation rate percentage in comparison to previous ratings and other schools across the state.


The 2015 four-year graduation rate percentage for Baldwyn Schools is 83.2 percent which is an increase of 24.1 percent from 2014. The state average graduation rate is 78.4 percent for 2015. “We have been working collectively as a staff at BHS and as a district to make sure that students have every opportunity to succeed and that they are encouraged and pushed along their high school career,” Baldwyn High School principal Jeff Palmer said.


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Baldwyn Students Ranked 1st in State MKAS 3rd Grade Test
Baldwyn Students Ranked 1st in State MKAS 3rd Grade Test

Last week BES third grade teachers and students were notified of being ranked first in the state for their 98.5 percent success passing rate of the reading assessment.


“We are so excited for our kids. We have had constant monitoring all year of all our BES students and their reading progress at home and at school,” BES Principal Rickey Weaver said. 


“Reading is the norm at our school. We have goals, high expectations, rewards, and more in place to help motivate our students to read and advance their reading skills,” Assistant Principal Tracie Weatherbee added.


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APMM-Toyota visits Baldwyn Schools
APMM-Toyota visits Baldwyn Schools

Baldwyn School District administration hosted a tour of the school campuses in appreciation for APMM-Toyota's support and contributions. Those in attendance include (l-r) front row - Assistant Superintendent Raymond Craven, General Manager Administration Tsuyoshi Sugiura, Corporate Advisor (Former APMM President) Masaaki Fujii, President Kimihiro Yonezawa, Assistant General Manager Administration Katsuaki Nasu, Assistant Manager Human Resouces Kebebe Wilson, BHS Principal Jeff Palmer, Superintendent Jason McKay, back row - Representative Jerry Turner, Senator J.P. Wilemon, Senator Chad McMahan, General Manager Manufacturing Kim Crumbie, BMS Principal Danny Ramsey, and Baldwyn Schools board member Brian Hogue.


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Baldwyn Public Schools Promote Child Find

Child Find is an ongoing statewide effort to identify, locate, and evaluate children up to the age of twenty-one who may have physical, mental, communicative and/or emotional disabilities. For more info click here.



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