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Participation in the Gifted Education Program is NOT a reward. It is an Entitlement under State Law (Mississippi Gifted Education Act of 1989, Mississippi Code Sections 37-23-171 through 37-23-181).

Placement in the Program

Once a student is determined eligible for a gifted program in Mississippi, no reevaluation testing is required to remain in the program. Although criteria may vary from district to district, an eligible determination is accepted by all school districts within the State of Mississippi.

Instructional Management Plan

As TAG 2-8 (Talented and Gifted) and Gifted English 9-12 students work under specific Instructional Management Plan objectives and time frames, withholding permission to attend gifted classes shall not be used as a disciplinary measure. Failure to complete enrichment class assignments can be used as grounds for dismissal from the program.


As outlined in MDE Gifted Regulations, gifted students may not be required to make up class work missed when they are scheduled to be in the gifted classroom.

Gifted students shall be held accountable for demonstrating mastery of concepts and information on regularly scheduled tests. Homework assigned to the regular classrooms must always be completed also.


A committee shall meet at least annually to reassess each gifted student’s continuation in the gifted program. The committee must include at least the student’s teacher of the gifted and a designated administrative representative.

As stated in the MDE Gifted Education Regulations, “since participation in the gifted program is an entitlement under the law, the student should remain in the gifted program as long as they are being successful in the program. Grades and/or success in the regular education program are the responsibility of the regular classroom teachers and should not be considered as a reason for removal from the gifted program.”

In the event a student fails to make progress or exhibits unsatisfactory  participation in the gifted program, a meeting of the reassessment committee will be held to consider the student’s performance. If the committee determines that the student is failing to make progress in the program, the student shall be placed on probation in the gifted program for the next 9-week term. The parents will be notified and given an opportunity to meet with the committee to discuss the decision and develop a plan of action. During this time, the student will continue to participate in the gifted program. If at the end of the period of probation, the student’s performance improves to a satisfactory level, the student will be removed from probation and recommended for continued placement. If at the end of the 9-weeks term the student has failed to improve his/her performance to a satisfactory level, the reassessment committee can recommend the student be removed from the program. Documentation of all reassessment committee meetings must be maintained.

If the committee determines that the student should exit the gifted program due to lack of progress and/or unsatisfactory participation in the program, the student’s parents will be notified and given the opportunity to discuss the decision with the committee before the student is removed. Should the parents not agree to the removal of the student from the program, the district shall grant the parents a hearing.



Parents who are not in agreement with the school based on committee decision to remove a student from the gifted program will present their concerns, orally or in writing to the principal of the school. The principal and parent will attempt to resolve the matter informally.



Students will be considered for reinstatement in the gifted program at the request of the parents and with the recommendation of classroom teachers. Consideration and arrangements for reinstatement in the program will be made through the Local Gifted Survey Committee and documented in the minutes. Written notification of the student’s eligibility for reinstatement will be forwarded to the parents and teachers of the students. Written parental permission must be obtained before the student can be placed in the gifted program.



In the event a student has difficulty keeping up with regular classroom work, a conference will be held with the parent, classroom teacher, teacher of the gifted, and the student, if appropriate, to discuss the program and to determine an appropriate course of action. The conference and plan of action will be documented and follow-up conferences will be held as needed.

As the academic progress and welfare of the students are always of prime consideration, special situations will be handled on an individual basis.



Parents and interested parties are always welcome to visit the gifted classes. Please contact the school office or teachers of the gifted to make arrangements.



  • Mississippi Gifted Education Act of 1989, Mississippi Code Sections 37-23-171 through 37-23-181
  • Regulations of the Gifted Education Program in Mississippi (2006)




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